Toyota’s NiMH recycling program in detail

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by xcel, Mar 21, 2008.

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    Hi All:

    ___I just received some up to date information wrt Toyota’s Hybrid - NiMH battery recycling program some might like to read. Thanks go out to Bill Kwong of Toyota Communications for the detailed information.

    ___Good Luck

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    Thank You. Great information to have, and directly from the source.
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  4. Tochatihu

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    $150 core - used to be $200? Oops.

    I greatly appreciate that they do this, but also realize that 32 lbs. of nickel scrap has value. Surely they sell it for less than the $13/lb or so for 'fresh metal'. But not a whole lot less. Suspect that NiMH recycling does not cost Toyota a huge amount of money.

    Today's dead batteries become tomorrow's kitchen sinks! The Nickel Institute has some more info on this topic.

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    This is a very improtant post. All members who get asked this question can now point or quote this reference.

    Very good.Thank you Wayne.
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    Hello all

    I just a 2001 prius ,got to try to make it a PHEV that well go 20 mile or more with ICE come on ,,meaning no gas use look for some kind of gauge device that tell me all good stuff like SOC ,HV barrery Voltage , current , inverter temp , mg1 , mg2 temp, etc.
    also look in to rebuilding the HV bat for my has one dead cell ..and like to try add more just see what happens ..

    That you for all your posting ..

  7. Tochatihu

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    Welcome Ken, but you are about to enter deep waters.

    We have to address the dead cell first. Your next stop is Yahoo Prius_Technical_Stuff group.

    The only scanner I know that completely fits the bill is Graham Davies'; built in total numbers <300 I think. Small chance you'll find one for sale. Visit his web site (ecrostech) for perhaps more hopeful info.

    Add more batteries can extend EV range, after you figure out how to prevent the gas engine from starting. Paralleling batteries is harder than it sounds, and heat management must be rigorous for all the packs. This is the deep-water part.

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    I'll bet the other question is, "what does the replacement battery cost?"

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