What would your Dream Road be like?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by hawkgt647, May 23, 2006.

  1. hawkgt647

    hawkgt647 Well-Known Member

    When driving to work, I start daydreaming about how the roads could be improved, how traffic patterns could be changed, and how everyone else would get the red light, not me.

    My commute is mainly 2 lane rural roads, speed limits from 40 - 55 mph. I often get stuck behind school buses that make numerous stops. The road is somewhat curvy, with just a few passing areas. Signal lights - 6, stop signs - 3. One stop sign can be considered a yield.;)

    If my dream road would come true, it would be a flat divided 4-lane, and have zero stops from my home to work. Speed could be held anywhere from 55 mph in the fast lane to 35 mph in the right lane. The prevailing winds would be blocked or filtered by natural landscaping.

    All intersections would be an over or underpass, with long cloverleafs for merging.
    No billboards or advertisements allowed.
    School buses would have side ramps to pull off and load passengers, and a long merge lane to blend back in to the flow of traffic. The main road would no longer have to stop for the school bus.
    All sharp turns that require speed reductions would be reshaped and banked to allow maximum speeds.
    Drafting would be a requirement, not an option. Remember- it's a dream.
    Lastest technology for the road surface and underlayment - recycled tire chips embedded in asphalt.
    Sweeping curve for the final coast into the parking lot at work - the parking lot would be covered to keep the car cool.
    Severe fines for any speeders or any other violators - slow pokes in the left lane! Use the funds from the tickets to offset the cost of the road improvements.

    Sorta like a low-speed autobahn.
  2. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor

    A longer drive than (6.1 miles) from my Garage to the parking place at work.
    Not to mention the stop signs, stop lights, bumper to bumper, Etc. Not a very nice route for {FE}. :(
  3. Hot Georgia

    Hot Georgia Well-Known Member

    *All road planners should be requred to be hypermile certified. (By Cleanmpg of course)
    Perhaps then we'd see more stop signs on hilltops instead of basins and mid-hill.
    *Stoplight triggers would be placed several hundred feet away from the intersection.
    *HOV lanes would remain in the far Left, while hypermile lanes would be built on the Right.
    A cement divider would separate the hypermiler lane, keeping cheaters out.
    Computer controlled speed-detected blow out strips built into the hypermiler lane also triggered by tailgaters backed up with cameras.

    That should do for now on my dream road.
  4. philmcneal

    philmcneal Has it been 10 years? Wow

    everyone hypermiles and you'll never see a red car idling at a red light ever, in fact you'll never see a car stopped at a red light because they will be back farther in the road timing for that green light, while the other side of traffic permits to do the same.... pedestrians will wonder... "where are the cars?"

    i got a few roads in my area that do that, its pretty sweet =) you just got to approach the intersection slower.

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