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Discussion in 'Mazda' started by psyshack, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. psyshack

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    The PII thread about TC made me think of this. And I did mean to post on it.

    So the other day i was on my route home from work. I was in one of my sport fas coming up on a turn. There in front of me is a patched part of road. And its covered with loose dirt. It was very course. I knew it was going to be slick. And sure enough it was.

    With no other cars around I just let it go. No cars around at all! So in a full fas at about 50 mph I hit this loose stuff. I expected sever under steer or the rear to come around. To my surprise neither happened.

    The car started to under steer. Then the TC system kicked in. At that point the rear wanted to come around. But again the TC stepped up. So in the end the car just slid a small bit sideways and held the over all line. No reason for me to input anything. Then just for giggles I slammed on the brakes. The ABS came in. And the TC. I was still in the corner but clear of the loose stuff. Also gave the brake distro system a work out.

    It all worked flawless. I had no power steering. But thats not a issue to me. While I have seen the safety systems work when Zoom Zooming in the car. They had not been used or ask to be used in a advanced hypermiling state.

    All worked great!!!!!!

  2. JimboK

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    Was it traction control at work, or electronic stability control? I thought it was ESC that reduced the vehicle's tendency to skid on a turn.
  3. psyshack

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    You are right. It was SC. When you turn off the DSC you loose the SC and TC.



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