Charging up the sales chart: Prius

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by xcel, Dec 11, 2007.

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    46 miles/gallon combined in a reasonably priced smaller mid-sized vehicle makes for a huge seller.

    [xfloat=left][/xfloat]David Phillips – Detroit News – Dec. 5, 2007

    Just wait until the Prius-III arrives and it breaks into the top 5 :rolleyes: -- Ed.

    If you needed more proof that the hybrid has gone mainstream, check out the latest industry sales figures. For the first time ever, a hybrid - the Toyota Prius - will crack the list of ten best-selling cars in the U.S. in a calendar year. With 167,009 sold through November, it has pulled ahead of the Ford Focus and Fusion, and trails the Chevy Cobalt and Nissan Altima. The Camry, Accord, Corolla, Civic and Impala top the list. The Prius is also perhaps the biggest reason Toyota will finish the year as the best-selling automotive brand in the U.S. - a first for a Japanese nameplate. Toyota leads Chevrolet by some 35,500 units through November. It's no wonder Toyota is rushing to create a Prius family of vehicles - a wagon, etc., and rivals such as Honda and Chevrolet are scrambling to add dedicated hybrid models to their lineups. Average transaction prices for the Prius, as tracked by the Power Information Network, are also dropping - from $26,132 in January 2006 to $24,825 last month - putting it within reach of more buyers… [rm][/rm]
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    My wifes minvan is about at the end of its useful life, i've been trying to convince her to buy a smaller car, but am not having much luck. A wagon might make all the difference, too bad it probably won't come out til 2010.

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