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Discussion in 'Mazda' started by earlyriser, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. earlyriser

    earlyriser New Member

    I just purchased a 2008 Mazda 3 grand touring. What can i immediately do get the best gas mileage? Tires, what should i inflate them to?

  2. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Congratulations on your new purchase! The first thing you should do is raise the tire pressures to whatever the tire specifies as the maximum pressure on the sidewalls. Next, find out what the break-in period for the car is and drive it EASY for those miles. Let the engine seat in properly and it will repay you in the long run.

    You can also use DWL, DWB, and light timing with engine off at long stops immediately. Most hypermiling techniques are very easy on the engine.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
  3. earlyriser

    earlyriser New Member

    Thanks Sean but what is DWL and DWB?
  4. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Hi, EarlyRiser!

    Both terms are in the glossary but they stand for Drive With Load and Drive Without Brakes. The first one is best approximated by keeping your foot locked in the same position on the gas pedal. You will slow down going up hill and speed up going downhill -- and you'll save gas driving this way when compared to cruise control. Driving without brakes is just what it sounds like. Drive so that you have to use the brakes as little as possible. Any time you use the brakes you are sending hard earned momentum to heat you cannot recapture (from the braking surfaces). You will then have to spend more gas to build your momentum back up.

    I hope that helps!
  5. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    Grand Touring is a nice ride. There a few Mazda3 owners here. Do a search and you'll find a lot of comments.

    My hints:
    - don't expect miracles and be patient. If FE was you primary concern, you should have bought a different car, or the "i" model.
    - fiddle with your HVAC controls and find out which settings automatically engage the A/C compressor. Avoid those settings.
    - pump up the tires. Better yet, replace them with a better tire. If you get snow where you live, the OEM Goodyear RSA's (if that's what they still come with) are frightful.
    - drive with a light foot and pay attention to the instant mpg readout to learn how the car reacts to pedal pressure and different driving conditions.
    - city driving is what kills the FE, especially an automatic. Highway it is easy to exceed the EPA if you keep your speed reasonable.
    - a lot of owners report a breakin period of about 7500 miles, during and after which FE steadily improves
    - make a signature file so we know where you are located and what kind of transmission your car has

    don't feel guilty about revving it up once in awhile and having some fun. The car begs for that.

    zoom zoom!
  6. RImazda3

    RImazda3 Member

    I have a 3 also. Max tire pressure on mine is 40lbs and they're all set there, check your sidewalls
  7. Klauven

    Klauven Active Member

    I have the 07 Grand Touring, I know I could bought a better mileage car, but I just love the way it drives I don't think I could sell it. The max on my walls with 17" alloys was 44lbs. I filled it to there. I too just started, can't wait to start reporting my progress.
  8. rabbivj

    rabbivj Member

    I have started as well...Though I have an 05 Mazda 3s Auto and Im avgeraging 30.5 mpg approx which isnt too bad, though I wanna improve. My Tires are currently set to 50 psi.
  9. Klauven

    Klauven Active Member

    Well, I am 1/4 through my first tank with new tire pressures, and I am doing quite well. According to the trip computer 31.5MPG so far. That is excellent considering I am using AC more than half the time.
  10. Slick26

    Slick26 Member

    I know this thread is a little old, but I thought I'd add my input.
    Don't expect the engine to be fully broken in until about 10k miles. Mine was still breaking in around 30k, so apparently it's a long process with these engines!
    Don't expect the stock RSA's to last long... they're terrible all-season tires. Once they're done, find a good solid replacement for them.
    I keep my tire pressure around 40 psi, but that is completely up to you... you might want to tweak it a bit.
    Get a Scan Gauge II and monitor your results often, this has helped me a ton.
  11. 2008Mazda3i

    2008Mazda3i Well-Known Member

    I run 44 psi which is max sidewall on my car..and what is most important in these cars is minimal a/c use and keep the rpms low. Most importantly time lights and get in lots of coasting in town.

    By timing traffic and lights this has saved me so much gas, because even though I drive in congestion and have two or three stop signs and multiple more lights on my commute I still average above highway EPA!
  12. greatwit

    greatwit Active Member

    Anyone here with a 5 speed auto 3 and a scangauge? I'm looking for the gpm reading for neutral vs. drive while at a stop, w/ and w/o AC. Also, the max sidewall on my current tires is 51 psi. I'm currently running at 45, but would I notice any difference with an extra 6 psi?
  13. 2008Mazda3i

    2008Mazda3i Well-Known Member


    The max psi will probably give you a little stiffer ride, but you wouldn't notice much addtl mileage gains. IMHO as well I would shut down the car when @ a stop for more than 10 seconds or so it will save alot more gas than worrying between N and D.
  14. greatwit

    greatwit Active Member

    I shut down when I'm by myself, but my significant other has banned such shenanigans, and demands use of the AC. She's also the reason I'm stuck with the slushbox instead of a manual.
  15. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    You will actually see measurable coast distance improvements moving up from 45-51psi -- I certainly did.
  16. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I've measured a difference in coasting between 55 and 60 psi. ;)
  17. Red6

    Red6 Member

    My Mazda 6 took about 25K miles before I saw an increase in mpg. The Mazda 6 site indicates that these engines take a while to break in because of the better oils nowdays.

    I am getting 30 to 31 mpg around town in my 6 with the 3 liter engine, tires aired up, coasting when possible, P&G and DWB.
  18. ssheridawn

    ssheridawn New Member

    I have a '06 Mazda3 s touring automatic and I am currently getting 34.3 mpg according to the car's computer and this is for CITY driving only. Here are some things that I do:

    1. I time my speed according to the traffic lights. It is very easy in this car with it's CVT. You have to be super alert and if you see a red light that you will end up at, take your foot off of the gas and just let it sit over the brake without pressing unless or until you need to. The car will downshift itself until it practically stops itself. Most of the time, the light turns green and any car in front of me will start moving again and I don't need to brake at all.
    2. Avoid jack rabbit starts. This is hard to do since this car is so FUN! Zoom, zoom!
    3. keep tires properly inflated. I just use the Mazda sugg. on the door frame.
    4. I use the recommended viscocity 5W20 SYNTHETIC oil.
    5. keep everything clean and properly maintained. We often will use the compressor to blow off the air filter in between changes. We live in a hot, dry, dusty climate.
    6. I use the air conditioner only when temps are VERY hot (like over 108 degrees). We are accustomed to the heat, however. Since I don't drive freeway speeds, I don't have that much air resistance. In fact my average speed according to the car's computer was under 30 mph. However, I do drive the speed limits for the most part. Sometimes, they aren't calculated right to the traffic lights. In those cases, I must drive about 5mph UNDER the posted speed limit. That is mostly in the city of Phoenix.
  19. ssheridawn

    ssheridawn New Member


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