Sydney welcomes hybrid cars as taxis

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by Chuck, Nov 29, 2007.

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    An environmentally friendly car will be able to be used as a taxi or hire car in Sydney as the NSW government looks to boost its green credentials.
    NSW Transport Minister John Watkins on Wednesday announced that following a successful trial, regulations will be changed to allow cab companies to use the hybrid Toyota Prius.

    It follows rigorous testing by the NSW Taxi Council, which found the vehicle could operate as a standard taxi.

    A trial by a Sydney taxi company, conducted since 2006, also found using a hybrid vehicle was commercially viable.

    "I expect to see more and more Prius on the road as taxi operators strive to deliver greener options," Mr Watkins said.

    "Based on the popularity of the green taxi, I imagine we will also see a significant take-up of compliant hybrid vehicles in hire car fleets."
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    Don't they have Prius taxi's in NYC?
  3. Harold

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    Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, use a high precentage of Prius for thier Taxis. I would think about 50%. H
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    Correct. And unless I am mistaken, the percentage of Prius Taxis in Manitoba is even higher. So much so, that nowadays it is hard to spot a non-Prius taxi on the city streets.

    It is good to see the acceptance of hybrids in mainstream transportation taking off. Still concerning the current volumes, I really don't think it can get much more mainstream than examples like these.


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    Hi All:

    ___What good is a thread like this without pics ;)

    NY City Taxi fleet – Hybrid mandate clock is already ticking.

    ___Good Luck


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