New hypermile options for first-time buyer

Discussion in 'General' started by warthog1984, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. jcp123

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    5-speed Foci have the same gear ratios regardless of the body, same for automatics. That is, if I correctly understand what you're saying. I recommended the ZX/3 because it's allegedly the lightest body.
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    Thanks for the info. That is good news for the Ford. In that case a ZX/3 would be a good choice since it should have the lighter body as you mentioned.
  3. jcp123

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    You might have been thinking of the SVT? It came only in the hatchback bodies. It has a completely different gearset with its 6-speed...SVT's are heavier (2770lbs curb weight), thirstier, and costlier, too, and require 91 or better octane.
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    I agree - I just purchased the Yaris HB with auto trans, and yes, the gals DO think it's cute! But I did not want a manual, as most of my driving is city, and I don't like constantly fiddling with a shifter in traffic. Yes, a standard may get you a few more miles per gallon, but you can still do quite good with an automatic, as evidenced by many of the numbers I've seen throughout this website. Either choice in a Yaris would be great!! :Banane34:
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    I suggest the fit over the yaris. It is a bit heavier, less economical, and costs more, but it is a better driving, safer and far more practical car. Plus, if you need to get an automatic the fit has an extra gear ratio and sport fits have a manual override mode. I have extensive experience driving one and I must agree with wayne that the gearing (AT or MT) is absolutely unsuitable for fuel economy at highway speeds.

    Practically though, I would gladly give up some fuel economy for the other virtues of the car. However because of high demand for the fit, you might be able to get the yaris (or a focus, or a sentra, or whatever) for significantly less. Keep in mind similar content levels (anti-lock brakes, airbags, etc) when you make the price comparison though.
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    I'm really surprised by the FE numbers for the 2008 Focus. The EPA estimate for it for 2008 (apples to apples comparison of revised EPA numbers) is the same as my Yaris, and it's a little bigger (and a little more expensive). Makes me wish we hadn't bought a 2007 Focus last year for my wife.

    Edit- I later found conflicting numbers for the new Focus. The correct numbers appear to be 26-35, while my 2008 Yaris' are 29-35. Since they haven't changed the drivetrain in any way that I've found, this appears to be 2008 EPA revision changes, not real MPG improvements.
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    Hello all,

    I felt like a boob riding around in a Honda pilot solo, it served it's purpose but, it's no longer practical.
    I just purchased a Suzuki SX4 (so called crossover).
    For the price there was nothing else that matched the features.
    The SX4 (either model) is built in Japan rather than South Korea; or so I was lead to believe from various articles etc...
    I found the standard transmission to be out of the question simply because my 12EEEE shoes made operating the clutch and brake at the same time an "iffy" situation.
    So in a way my life depends on the auto!

    Sans automatic the car can be had for around 16k or less depending on your negotiation skills.

    I'm a big guy and the SX4 (crossover) turned out to have plenty of room and the tall roof line lets me get in and out pretty easily. I'd say it's as good as my Honda Pilot if not better in that dept. Because it lacks the center arm rest that pins me in.
    It's fairly gutless until you hit 3200 rpm but, it handles well. I would says it handles as good if not better than my 97 civic did. Granted the civic was, shall we say, more experienced than the new car.

    It's replacing a 2004 Honda pilot AWD
    (Suzuki also offered me 1k more for my trade than Honda. Go figure.)

    Over the course of a good day I could only average 22 mpg from the Pilot during a NY winter. This car has the ability to turn off the all wheel drive entirely unlike the pilot so, I'm thinking it will do better.

    All total I've lowered my car payment by $100.00 increased my mileage (by an unknown amount just now), gained a couple creature comforts, and only given up a third row of seating and some horse power (I HOPE).
  8. Maxx

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    One thing to note about the SX4 - I test the sedan recently, and depending on where in the country you live, it may be quite difficult to find a MT. At least that's what the dealer here in CT said (this dealer is so small that their showroom was filled with used 350Z's - what??).

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