GM Energy is Offering Customers the Ability to Power Their Homes from Their EV

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    [​IMG] Could GM be the first to offer an affordable, turnkey, clean home and transportation energy solution?

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – April 18, 2024


    GM is ramping up its EV push – as they should, and they are now working toward improving the EV ownership experience of an all-electric future.

    GM Energy’s initial offerings for residential customers will enable the use of vehicle-to-home (V2H) bidirectional charging to provide power from a compatible GM EV to a properly equipped home.

    The GM Energy product suite will be offered through a set of bundled options, providing residential customers with the ability to select solutions that align with their specific energy needs and budget. GM Energy representatives will be on hand to connect customers with preferred installer, Qmerit, who can help with obtaining necessary permits and connect with utilities to ensure a seamless guided experience.

    At launch, customers will be able to purchase GM Energy’s V2H bundle, which includes necessary equipment to enable the transfer of energy between a customer’s compatible EV and a properly equipped home. GM Energy will make additional residential solutions, including stationary energy storage and solar integration later this year.

    The first vehicle in GM’s portfolio of EVs to be compatible with the GM Energy home product suite is the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV First Edition RST, which will be equipped with V2H bidirectional charging technology. GM will continue to expand V2H bidirectional charging technology across its retail portfolio of Ultium-based EVs by model year 2026.

    Customers who have questions can visit GM Energy Live, where product specialists can help provide more information and showcase GM Energy’s solutions through an immersive digital experience.

    Pricing, installation cost and timeline for delivery for each of GM Energy’s initial product bundles will vary. Additional information about GM Energy and its ecosystem of available product and service offerings is available at GM Energy.
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    GM should make it possible to leave behind a small chunk on that 244? kWh (204 kWh usable?) battery to keep the house powered while you go get the groceries, say a token 100 kWh worth, bigger than most home battery systems, and incidentally, bigger than most mainstream EV batteries. Most EVs make do with less than 100 kWh while having good EV range (200-300 miles). This thing has a monstrous battery!

    No wonder the 300kW average charging to 75% at a 350kW charger is no sweat.

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    Hi Bill:

    That pack size on the RST/4WT is 208.6/~ 180 kWh actual/useable pack size according to the EPA data file. It is indeed large but to get that 450-miles of range, it has to be that size. The 4WT is supposed to start at $81,795 ($79,800 + $1,995 D&H).

    By comparison, the 320-mile AER, 165.2/131 kWh actual/useable pack size, Ford F-150 Lighting in "Flash" trim can be picked up for $72k including D&H. It can only charge at a peak just over 150 kW and 5 to 80% takes at least 43-minutes to charge from 5 to 80% SOC.

    2023 Ford F-150 Lightning "Platinum"

    Peak charge rate of166 kW occurred at 35% SOC.

    7 to 80% took 42-minutes.​

    The Silverado EV at $10k more provides 130-miles of additional rated range, a much lager pack, and an estimated time to charge from 5 to 80% in 37-minutes on a good DCFC.

    I am not sure if an 80 kWh Home pack and 130 kWh in the Silverado with the lower capability would be better but 80 kWh at home with a 10 to 12 kW home solar system would most certainly allow someone to go off grid. I do not have any info on pricing and pack size for the 393-mile AER 3WT Silverado EV which would probably make the most sense for that extra pack size to be placed in the garage.

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