GM Rescinds OnStar Smart Driver Data Sale to Insurance Companies

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    [​IMG] GM Comms is trying to clean up the mess GM Execs created in search of more $s.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – April 24, 2024


    GM was caught by the New York Times providing driving details including acceleration, braking, and trip length about its customers driving habits to LexisNexis who in turn sold said data to insurance companies.

    Apparently, some owner’s insurance rates were increasing at rates far beyond vehicle owners in their respective areas were experiencing and the reason was those owners’ data was being used to justify higher rates.

    Kia, Subaru, and Mitsubishi who are also sharing driver data with insurance firms have not yet changed their stance.

    GM released an update on this screw up with a softball stating that its vehicles have become increasingly connected, intelligent, and personalized with features. As vehicle technology progresses, they will be more transparent with privacy practices while allowing customers to control their own data.

    GM reiterated that customer trust is a priority and because of this, they will be discontinuing OnStar Smart Driver over the next few months. They will also be terminating partnerships with LexisNexis and Verisk, the companies that were selling the data.
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    Allstate is getting their data about my driving style and habits from ME.
    I'm okay with that.
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    Bet you aren't getting insurance for one third the price of everyone else.
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    I'm getting an okay deal. Much better than my old insurance co.
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    I discontinued Hyundai's Bluelink "service" after reading the "privacy" policy. Hyundai says "they respect your privacy" as they describe all the way's they'll violate it. It's a pretty straight-up Orwellian data-mining operation. Dealer's sign you up for it by default when you buy a new car. Luckily you can discontinue it and supposedly it stops.
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    Yes, S.Korean businesses probably pick up a lot of ways to spy on its customers, by the ways n.korea & communist china(always small letters) spy on the S.Korea gov't....& businesses.
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    That's how the North Korean businesses achieved the global sales status that they currently enjoy.

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