Hey Bill, Massachusetts Has Lots of EV Public Chargers!

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    Tho public EV chargers are looked down on by many people, I hope to survive on public chargers, once I can afford an EV. I'd really have it made in the shade if I lived in Massachusetts, like Bill does. The small state is listed to have over 3000 chargers, nearly 19% of the numbers of California, despite having less than 6.5% the area of the Big State!

    Yes, indeed! Massachusetts's chargers per unit area has three times the number of chargers per unit California area.
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    Maybe you should move to Taxachusetts, litesong. :D
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    Tho I can't hike the mountains any longer, I do need to see mountains with 3000 foot cliffs at times. Many decades ago, I visited friends who owned a diary farm in Wisconsin for 10 days. In Springtime, Wisc is much like WA state without mountains & I loved the state. But after 10 days, I missed my mountains to the extreme. I think I would love Massachusetts too, except the lack of big mountains would hurt. Also, I would have problems with too much snow on Massachusetts' roads. A friend & I almost died in a car snow accident. No repeat chances for me! All those Mass EV chargers tho, I would adore.
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