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    Transferring from Daily Grind, April 28, 2024:

    ....Seattle Mariners have won 8 out of their last 10 games. What I like is that they've won 4 out of 5 games from the Rangers & Arizona Diamondbacks, who BOTH played in the World Series last year.....We'll see if the Mariners can turn a hot streak into a continuing line-up production factory. I think they can..... They do have several winning starters AND some good late inning reliefers. So here we go.
    May 6, 2024:
    The Mariners have now won 6 series against various teams in a row! I like that statistic. What pumps that statistic even more is that the 6 teams have been good teams! That is sweet! The Mariners lead their division. However, 2023 World Series Champion Texas Rangers are only half a game behind the Mariners. Maybe if they can get some series with teams that are struggling, the Mariners can really win a bunch of games. But, its not good for the Mariners now. As good as the teams they have won against above, now they play the Minnesota Twins....who have won 9 out of their last 10 games. It doesn't stop there. Just before Twin's last lost game, they won 12 games in a row! Mariners continue to have it tough. It's early in the season, so we'll see if the Mariners can stay healthy(one prime player is trying to recover from injury) & continue to win.

    PS, 5-7-24:....Yes, the Mariners lost their first game to the Twins in the present series AND Texas Rangers have taken over the divisional lead.
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    From April 28, 2024, Daily Grind:
    I liked Cal Raleigh last year(most homers of ANY catcher) & he's banging the ball & throwing runners out at 2nd base, even better this year. Problem is, Cal had a broken tooth removed & is recovering from that with a restricted diet! His short term 350(+?) batting average got hurt yesterday, as he went 0 for 4 at the plate.
    5-7-24: In tonight's game with Minnesota Twins, it was a tussle. Seattle scored 2 runs first. But, Twins came back scoring 4. For several innings the score was 6-6, after Cal Raleigh hit a pitch hit 110 MPH grand slam homerun(first of his career) & the Twins got a couple more runs! In the top of the 9th inning, Mariners did a lot of scrambling & got 4 more runs(including Rojas scoring from 3rd base on a past ball)! & that's how the game ended.
    5-8-24: Last night, Julio Rodriguez collected 3 hits. But, George Kirby, who only allowed 2 homeruns during the season, gave up 3 in the first 2 innings. The Twins won the game 6-3. Yes, the Twins are a tough team right now.
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    The French Open Tennis got rid of the communist chinese(always small letters) & russian players for the women's finals. In the men's semi-finals today, no russians remain....
    However, the totalitarians have taken a lot of money back to their dictatorships.
    As in the past I've said, russians & communist chinese(always small letters) should be eliminated from play in all Western Civilization tournaments. Totalitarian dictators give little or nothing to World Economics, while killing their citizens. But, their athletic citizens abscond with millions of Western dollars to give to their governments, who build weapons to impose their will on the Peoples of the World. If those totalitarian regimes want to play sports, let them play each other, which will have far less riches to drag home to their respective gov't.
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