Month of May 2024 (Nat’l Avg $3.663)

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    8:15PM, PDT.....Rain is predicted to be 85% to 99% from 8AM Sunday, solidly to 3AM Monday morning. With temperatures from 56degF to 58degF which also will melt mountain snow, even flooding is predicted.
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    10:30AM....There has been rain earlier, but is light right now. However, radar shows a solid rain system from Ketchikan, Alaska to southern Oregon. The southern portion of the rain system will proceed to the northeast. However, the northern portion in Canada is having a circulation pattern proceeding northwest from southern Canada, breaking up, but moving all the way to Anchorage, Alaska.
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    For the Spanish Formula 1 race tomorrow, Lando Norris has qualified 1st, which means the last 4 top qualifiers for the last 4 races have been different people! Max Verstappen starts 2nd. Lewis Hamilton qualified in 3rd place, which he hasn't reached as high in a long time! THIS is really phenomenal, considering the not-so-tight last 20 years of Formula 1 history. I love all the newly born drama in Formula 1, not only by the individual drivers, but also by the extraordinary efforts of the top race teams & engineers!
    Norris ran what he called a perfect lap & he had to, to beat Max Verstappen by 1/50th of a second. The first 4 qualifiers were separated by less than 1/3rd of a second. The top NINE qualifiers were separated by less than 3 quarters of a second. Really really TOP NOTCH racing.

    PS I, 6-23-24:.....Max Verstappen won again. Lando Norris came in 2nd. Lando got a slight edge on Max at race start & that is all the skill(luck) Lando had for the race. Accelerating hard, Lando tried to keep Max behind him. While worrying about Max on the right, George Russell from 4th place, passed 1 F1 car on the right & 2 cars on the left, to take the lead. Verstappen with his experience, was able to take over the lead by the 3rd lap. Lando was able to get by Russell for his 2nd place finish & Hamilton came in 3rd.
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    From May 3, 2024:
    Oh, I forgot to follow up on the escaped Zebra east of Seattle story. On May 7, 2024, the Zebra, named Shug, was back with the other 3 Zebras.
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    Hi All:

    A short range test from a full charge from behind the wheel of a sub 6-sec. to 60 mph, 2024 Lexus AWD NX 450h + PHEV-37...

    2024 Lexus AWD NX 450h +

    Just moments after completing the steady state Speed vs FE data runs two nights ago. It blew out its EPA at 70+ mph too. ;)

    The Charge

    From the initial plug-in, the rate picked up from 0.0 to 4.9W over the first 17 sec. By 30-seconds out, it steadied out at 7.0 to 7.1 kW for the duration until the last few minutes. The onboard 7.0 kW Charger was upgraded from the RAV4 Prime's 6.6 kW unit. While Lexus states this would normally be a 3-hour charge from flat to full, it took just under 2.5 hours. That was a welcome surprise from one of Lexus' premiere PHEVs!


    The Drive

    Start and finish were at the same locations for three separate drives. One was a 18-mile all-highway RT on the 5 with 3-miles of suburban from my home to the 5 and from the 5 back to my home. I completed (2) drives to two different local Home Depots for some mulch and a toilet auger since Marian accidentally flushed a washcloth down the toilet this morning and I was hoping to retrieve it before it caused to much trouble. I failed in that regard.

    The 37-mile AER and 2.5 mi/kWh rated 24 Lexus NX 450h + proved to be damn efficient on the plug as it not only covered 56.1 miles at an indicated 4.3 mi/kWh, but there was still 1 to 2-miles of EV range left when I concluded the third RT back to my home.

    I also completed an aFCD calibration drive and the steady states of the 450h + late last week but have not yet processed the pics of those results. It proved itself mightily in those test drives as well.


    Cargo Capacity

    Regarding cargo cap, when you are "ordered" to pick up mulch, why settle for a 2021 Prius Prime when you have an awesome 2024 Lexus NX 450h + in the drive to do the job? :D The 22.7/46.9 cu. ft. of cargo volume rear seats up/down worked perfectly. ;)


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    Oh, oh....Is that a non-gardener I hear? Or did the "orders" come from you? ;)
    Also, look at all the space you blew! Dock workers could have done better. If you had really squeezed both stacks of mulch to each side, I bet you could have placed 2 more sacks of mulch in the car. Remember, when you need 6 sacks of mulch, you can always use two more. :rolleyes:
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    Hi Litesong:

    I could have fit 20 bags in there! :)

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    A company has all those Transformer toys. Lexus has a new advertising campaign, showing the "NX 450h Garden Transformer", with a running conveyor belt from the back end of the Lexus. As the drone zoom lens backs away, a vast garden is revealed, mulch supplied by Lexus.
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    If wet mulch, maybe if you had the car self-drive home, i.e. no driver or passenger. :D (890 lbs limit)
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