Honda’s Strong Sales Continues into February with YTD Sales Up 21.2%

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    [​IMG] CR-V sales are powering the brand forward.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Mar. 1, 2024

    2024 Honda CR-V Hybrid

    43/36/40 mpgUS city/highway/combined for FWD and 40/34/37 mpgUS city/highway/combined for AWD trims.​

    2024 Honda CR-V Retail Pricing
    • Sport Hybrid - $34,050
    • Sport-L Hybrid - $37,050
    • Sport Touring Hybrid - $40,200
    Add $1,500 for AWD to the Sport and Sport-L trims. Touring is AWD only. All prices exclude $1,350 D&H.

    Now in its second year of release, the CR-V hybrid is positioned at the top of the CR-V lineup. All-new for the 2023 MY, the CR-V was brought to market with notably larger front-to-rear-seat couple distance and more rear seat legroom (+0.6 inches). The rear seats now include eight angles of recline for increased comfort as well!

    The top of the instrument panel was designed to reduce windshield reflections and other potential visual distractions. The very attractive metal honeycomb mesh spanning the dash conceals the air vents and looks great.

    The front Body Stabilizing Seats reduce fatigue over long drives and the steering wheel angle is more sedan-like for a more comfortable driving position. Between the front seats is the largest center console bin in its class with 9L of volume.

    The CR-V includes the most cargo room in the model’s history with 36.3 cu.-ft. available behind the rear seats in both turbocharged (+1.2 cu. ft.) and hybrid (+3.1 cu. ft.) models. In EX and EX-L, the rear load floor can be lowered, expanding the cargo space to 39.3 cu. ft. With the 60/40-split rear seatbacks folded flat, cargo space expands to 76.5 cu. ft.

    Honda Feb. 2024 and YTD U.S. Sales Highlights

    Honda sold 110,110 vehicles in the US during Feb. 2024, up 32.3% over the 83,247 sold in Feb. of 2023. YTD, sales of 203,320 were up 21.2% over the 167,761 sold during the same period of 2023.
    • CR-V tops 30,000 units, up 99%, with a February record of hybrid sales
    • HR-V sales were up 45%
    • Accord hybrid posts record February sales
    Civic achieved Feb. sales of 20,228, up 36.6% over the 14,812 sold in Feb. of 2023. YTD sales of 36,677 is up 30.4% over the 28,125 sold during the same period of 2023.

    CR-V sales continue to rip with Feb. sales of 32,031, up 98.6% over the 16,126 sold in Feb. of 2023. YTD sales of 58,383 were up 61.5% over the 36,157 sold during the same period of 2023.

    The brand targeted 10 to 15% sales increase for 2024 and after the first two months, appear to be exceeding that target handily.
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    Honda waited a long time to ramp up production, playing the "chip shortage" game as long as they could to try to keep residuals high so they could advertise Best Resale Value. But the general opinion on the internet was that they were going out of business because they seemed to be unable to build any cars. I guess they realized that they were reaching a tipping point where people were going to see them as a Japanese Studebaker and stay away because nobody wants an orphan car. So the "chip shortage" magically disappeared and they pushed the throttle lever on the factories to Full Blast. Suddenly I am seeing a LOT of new Accords and CRVs, and the majority of them are hybrids. So not only are they now building cars to meet demand, but dealers are playing fair and selling the cars at or near MSRP and not adding $600 worth of fancy air and $1200 window tint nonsense to run up the transaction price. Well done, Honda, and welcome back to the market. The numbers say sales are up 32.3% for February, but the number of cars in the NYC area suggests the number locally is even higher.
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    Hi Wayne......Did you take this picture? It looks like one of the areas(Navaho reservation?), I traveled in Arizona, half a century ago.​
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    The CRV really looks attractive in this fine picture but the photo hides an ugly face and nose. Compared to my Hyundai Tucson Hybrid, the CRV hybrid is down on power--by a lot; 204hp combined vs 226hp combined with the CRV being a bit heavier too (AWD versions). I'm not a fan of CVTs. I'd have to drive the CRV to see if theirs is OK. The CRV hybrid has really wimpy towing capacity--only 1000lbs. On the plus side for the CRV--possibly better durability and reliability? Definitely a wider dealer network.
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    Fine picture? It's not a great picture, but I do like the backyard Arizona rockery. Oh....there's a vehicle in the picture? Well, how about that.

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