Feb. 27th, 2024 -- Kenosha, WI - Warmest February Temperature Ever Recorded

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    A note from my mom...

    Regarding last night's "tornado" weather, this must have been the strange crackling and "airplanes flying in circles overhead" that I heard. It was fairly calm, little wind, on the ground with just a little rain. Other than the sound of "airplanes" circling above, I could hear thunder in the distance. Weirdest sounds I have ever heard in a storm. By morning though, there was snow covering the ground. The sirens went off three times, long time each.

    Pepper Valley subdivision in Geneva: “You could hear the swirling. That was strange. It was a different sort of wind.”

    The unseasonably warm temperatures in southeast Wisconsin also led the weather service to issue a tornado watch for Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties until 10 p.m. Tuesday, but none materialized. Instead, there were periods of rain that changed to light snow by Wednesday morning.

    In less than a day, Kenosha went from August to December, complete with partly sunny skies and a tornado watch in the evening followed by crispy ice sheets on car windows and a dusting of snow on the ground by morning.

    Indeed, the temperature topped 77 degrees at 3:53 p.m. on Tuesday, unofficially the highest temperature for Kenosha in the month of February, according to local data tracked by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service at the Kenosha Regional Airport.

    By 8:53 a.m. Wednesday, temperatures took a nose dive to 18 degrees, a whopping 59-degree slide in just 17 hours, according to the data. The previous high temperature for Kenosha was 69 degrees set in 2017...
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    The Arctic Ocean air temperature around the North Pole has had a strong warming for February 2024.
    Seattle had 5 out of its 10 warmest years, occur in the last 23 years out of the last 71 years.
    Since 1850, the 10 warmest years for the World have occurred......IN THE LAST TEN YEARS.

    Oxygen & Nitrogen make up nearly 99% of Earth's atmosphere & have nearly no global warming effect. However, infra-red (heat) absorbing Carbon Dioxide & Methane have leaped 1.5 times to 420 ppm AND 2.7 times to over 1.9 ppm respectively, & are warming Earth....quickly.

    Global warming is upon us & there is no reason to be surprised by such records.
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