Honda’s 2024 U.S. Outlook Relies Heavily on the Upcoming 2025 Civic Hybrid

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    [​IMG] There is speculation and there are wild @$$ guesses. I hope the details below are camped somewhere in-between.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 23, 2024

    2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan

    The refresh will include minor updates. The new Hybrid drivetrain however is going to be huge.​

    American Honda provided an outlook on its U.S. automobile business for 2024 during a media briefing last month. Coming off the largest increase of any OEM in terms of increased sales in 2023, Honda 2023 U.S. Sales Reached 1,308,186 Vehicles, up 33.0%, Honda plans to increase sales further with not only larger dealership inventory’s to start the quarter and year but also introducing new product including both a refreshed 2025 Civic and Civic hatch and the same with the inclusion of the brands award winning 2.0L two motor hybrid drivetrain. American Honda expects total sales to be up 10 to 15% compared to 2023.

    Hitting these targets appear on track as America Honda sold 93,210 Honda and Acura vehicles, up 10.3% over the 84,514 sold in January of 2023.

    During the briefing, Senior VP of Sales, Mamadou Diallo stated that the upcoming Civic hybrid will comprise about 40% of the models' sales when it launches this summer, increasing hybrid volume for the brand which already achieved record hybrid sales in 2023.

    2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Drivetrain

    Although Honda has not specifically posted that its 2.0L two-motor hybrid will be the drivetrain of choice in the upcoming refreshed 2025 Civic Hybrid sedan and hatch, they are already selling that same drivetrain in their Civic in Europe and a variant of the same in the Accord Hybrid here. It only makes sense they would use the same in the upcoming US model although we may receive the more powerfully tuned 2.0L that is in the Accord Hybrid.

    European Civic equipped with a direct injected 2.0L I4 that is 41% thermally efficient.​

    Honda’s European Civic and its e:HEV 2-motor hybrid drivetrain produces a total power output of 181 HP and 232 lb-ft of torque that can accelerate the Civic from standstill to 60 mph in less than 7.5 seconds. By comparison, if Honda were to install the Accord Hybrids 204 HP, 2-motor drivetrain, expect that dash to 60 to have a “6” handle attached.

    US Accord 2-Motor Hybrid Drivetrain. We can expect the US Civic variant to include the cleaned up harnesses plus larger and cleaner plastic engine covers.​

    The full-hybrid powertrain combines a Li-Ion battery and two compact, powerful electric motors with the direct injected, heavily atkinsonized 2.0L I4.

    When driving in a city environment the vehicle runs in EV mode much of the time. When the driver requires stronger acceleration, the car will switch to Hybrid Drive to propel the wheels via the powerful electric motor while the 2.0L internal combustion engine generates the required electric power in serial hybrid fashion.

    When driving at constant higher speeds, the system will shift to Engine Drive, and is directly and efficiently powered by the petrol engine with minimum losses and only assisted by the electric motor when necessary. When the SOC builds to a high enough level, the system switches back to Hybrid Drive allowing the full output of the electric motor to drive the vehicle. ICE-on or ICE-off.

    In all drive modes, slowing and braking is being regenerated to improve the overall efficiency.

    When driving on twisting roads, Honda incorporates a ‘winding road detection system’. This ensures the vehicle is in the most appropriate drive mode to improve responsiveness and reduce unnecessary switching of drive modes. In this scenario, a stronger deceleration level is also deployed to increase feedback to the driver.

    Using a drive selector, users can seamlessly switch between four drive modes: ‘Normal’, ‘Sport’, ‘Eco’ and ‘Individual’.

    The latest iteration of Honda’s Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) is positioned beneath the Civics’ rear seats to optimize the overall vehicle packaging. The compact dimensions of the unit have allowed a thicker seat base to be utilized, increasing passenger comfort. A new Power Control Unit (PCU), located under the hood to save space, controls the high voltage electric power of the hybrid system.

    The increase in power density of the PCU and energy density of the IPU allows the electric motor to take more of the load in a greater range of driving scenarios. In turn, this enables the engine to run at a lower operating speed, reducing fuel consumption and allowing greater levels of torque at higher speeds.


    2025 Honda Civic Sedan and Hatch MSRP Estimates

    Consider the current 2024 Honda Civic vs Accord (non-hybrid) pricing structure.

    2024 Civic Sedan MSRP
    • LX - $23,950
    • Sport - $25,550
    • EX - $26,950
    • Touring - $30,550
    2024 Accord MSRP
    • LX - $27,895 (+3,945 over the Civic LX)
    • EX - $29,910 (+2,960 over the Civic EX)
    2024 Accord Hybrid MSRP
    • EX-L Hybrid - $34,450
    • Sport-L Hybrid - $34,875
    • Touring Hybrid - $38,890
    The 2024 Accord Hybrid upcharge from EX (non-hybrid) to the EX-L Hybrid is ~ $3,450 + $1,000 for the L features. If the same pricing differential of the Civic and Accord non-hybrids hold into the 2025 Hybrid pricing space, we may see the Civic in as many as 4 trims with a starting MSRP of “possibly” $27,495 for an LX hybrid. If offered of course.
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid LX (if offered) - $27,495 + D&H
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Sport (if offered) - $29,095 + D&H
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid EX-L (if offered) - $30,905 + D&H
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Touring (if offered) - $35,345 + D&H
    Moving to the upcoming 2025 Civic Hatch Hybrid arriving in the second half of 2024, let us consider the sedan to hatch price upcharges.

    2024 Civic Sedan MSRP
    • LX - $23,950
    • Sport - $25,550
    • EX - $26,950
    • Touring - $30,550
    2024 Civic Hatch MSRP
    • LX - $24,950 (+$1,000 over the sedan)
    • Sport - $26,350 (+$800 over the sedan)
    • EX-L - $28,650 (+$1,700 over the EX-sedan)
    • Sport Touring - $31,450 (+$900 over the Touring sedan)
    With those prices set, the 2025 Honda Civic Hatch Hybrid MSRP “may” arrive with the following:
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hatch Hybrid LX (if offered) - $28,495 + D&H
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hatch Hybrid Sport (if offered) - $29,895 + D&H
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hatch Hybrid EX-L (if offered) - $32,605 + D&H
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hatch Hybrid Touring (if offered) - $36,245 + D&H
    What about the 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid's MPG?

    Again, let us consider the 2024 Accord Hybrid lineup.
    • 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L - 51/44/48 mpgUS city/highway/combined
    • 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid Sport/Touring - 46/41/44 mpgUS city/highway/combined
    With the 24 European Civic Hybrid weighing ~ 120 to 150 lbs less and the wheels downsized hopefully to lighter weight and low rolling resistance 16's on an LX/EX Hybrid trim, might I guess we will see an additional 10% if we receive the European 181 HP tune and maybe 8% if we receive the Accord's more powerful 204 HP tune.

    The hatch is ~ 2 mpg lower than the sedan with the std. ICE drivetrain so expect a similar falloff with the hybrid drivetrain.

    2025 Honda Civic MPG (estimates)
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid LX/EX Sedan w/ 16" alloys - 55/47/52 mpgUS city/highway/combined
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Sport/Touring Sedan w/ 18" alloys - 50/45/47 mpgUS city/highway/combined
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid LX/EX Hatch w/ 16" alloys - 53/45/50 mpgUS city/highway/combined
    • 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Sport/Touring Hatch w/ 18" alloys - 48/43/45 mpgUS city/highway/combined
    2024 Honda Accord EX-L Hybrid

    2024 Honda Accord Hybrid EX-L - 51/44/48 mpgUS city/highway/combined.​

    The above is my daughters-in-law 2024 Honda Accord Hybrid I helped her procure late last fall. She is averaging 55 mpg over the first 7k miles. My son would have purchased a 2024 Civic Hybrid if it were available so when it does, he wants to purchase one for himself. ;)

    What else can we expect from the 2025 refresh of the Civic Hybrid Sedan and Hatch?

    The current Civic LX includes a standard 7" central display with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, push-button start, partial digital instrumentation, and LED headlamps. I suspect for the 2025 MY Civic Hybrid LX refresh will include a larger 8" central display, wireless AA, ACP, BSM and RCTA.

    The current Sport includes 18" alloys, black exterior accents, and a chrome exhaust finisher. Inside, an upgraded 8-speaker audio system, Sport-specific seating surfaces, leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel, paddle shifters, sport pedals, and a new Sport driving mode are standard. I suspect a 2025 MY Civic Hybrid Sport refresh will include all of the above plus the larger 8" central display, wireless AA and ACP, BSM and RCTA.

    The current Civic EX included BSM, a one-touch power sliding moonroof, heated seats and outside mirrors, and dual-zone auto climate. I suspect a 2025 MY Civic Hybrid EX refresh will include all the above plus the larger 8" central display, wireless AA and ACP, and RCTA.

    The top-of-the-line Civic Touring includes leather seats, power front seats, a sat-based NAVI, a larger 9" central display, wireless ACP and AA, Bose premium audio, 10.2" digital instrument display, front and rear parking sensors, Sport driving mode, Qi wireless charging and LED fog lights. I suspect a 2025 MY Civic Hybrid Touring refresh will include all the above plus an even larger 12.3" central display.

    We should hear more about the all-new and very desirable on paper, 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Sedan and Hatch lineup shortly. I will do my best to update the details as they are released.

    Production of the new 2025 Civic Hybrid sedan will begin in spring 2024 at Honda of Canada Mfg. (HCM) in Alliston, Ontario followed shortly by the hatch, which will be manufactured at the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) in Greensburg, Indiana.
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