GM 2023 U.S. Sales Reached 2,594,698 Vehicles, up 14.1%

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    [​IMG] While most of GMs EVs are being held back, the #1 automaker in terms of US overall sales is performing well.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Jan. 3, 2024

    2024 Cadillac Lyriq BEV

    A very respective and record 9,154 were sold in 2023.​

    GM reported year-end 2023 U.S. sales of 2,594,698 vehicles, up 14.1% over the 2,274,088 sold in 2022. The Company led the industry in total U.S. sales and was the top selling manufacturer of trucks, full-size pickups, full-size SUVs and fleet vehicles.

    2023 GM US Sales Highlights
    • Chevrolet Sales up 13.1%
    • Cadillac Sales up 9.3%
    • Buick Sales up 61.4%
    • GMC sales up 8.9%

    2023 Top 10 US Auto OEM Sales Rankings
    1. GM - 2,594,698 vehicles sold in 2023, up 14.1% over the 2,274,088 sold in all of 2022
    2. Toyota - 2,248,477 vehicles sold in 2023, up 6.6% over the 2,108,458 sold in all of 2022
    3. Ford - 1,995,912 vehicles sold in 2023, up 7.1% over the 1,864,464 sold in all of 2022
    4. Stellantis - 1,527,090 vehicles sold in 2023, down 1.3% below the 1,547,076 sold in all of 2022
    5. Honda - 1,308,186 vehicles sold in 2023, up 33.0% over the 983,507 sold in all of 2022
    6. Nissan - 898,796 vehicles sold in 2023, up 23.2% over the 729,350 sold in all of 2022
    7. Hyundai - 801,195 vehicles sold in 2023, up 10.6% over the 724,265 sold in all of 2022
    8. Kia - 782,451 vehicles sold in 2023, up 12.8% over the 693,549 sold in all of 2022
    9. Tesla - 654,888 vehicles sold in 2023, up 25.4% over the 522,444 sold in all of 2022
    10. Subaru - 632,086 vehicles sold in 2023, up 13.6% over the 556,581 sold in all of 2022
    2023 Top 10 US Auto Sales Leaders
    1. Ford F-Series - 750,789 vehicles sold in 2023, up 14.8% over the 653,957 sold in all of 2022
    2. Chevrolet Silverado - 555,148 vehicles sold in 2023, up 6.1% over the 523,249 sold in all of 2022
    3. Ram P/U - 444,926 vehicles sold in 2023, down 5.0% below the 468,344 sold in all of 2022
    4. Toyota RAV4 - 434,943 vehicles sold in 2023, up 8.8% above the 399,941 sold in all of 2022
    5. Tesla Model Y - 394,497 vehicles sold in 2023, up 56.5% over the 251,974 sold in all of 2022
    6. Honda CR-V - 361,457 vehicles sold in 2023, up 51.8% over the 238,155 sold in all of 2022
    7. GMC Sierra - 295,737 vehicles sold in 2023, up 22.4% over the 241,522 sold in all of 2022
    8. Toyota Camry - 290,649 vehicles sold in 2023, down 1.5% below the 295,201 sold in all of 2022
    9. Nissan Rogue - 271,458 vehicles sold in 2023, up 45.6% over the 186,480 sold in all of 2022
    10. Jeep Grand Cherokee - 244,594 vehicles sold in 2023, up 9.5% over the 223,345 sold in all of 2022

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    Adding to the GM 2023 U.S. Sales Story, Buick Was the Story

    Following a stellar 2023, Buick continues its momentum into 2024 with a the Envista SUV. Headlined by Buick’s new design language, the affordable, attractive, and dare I say efficient, Envista compact CUV is sure to add to the brands resurgence.

    A Breakout Year for Buick in 2023

    Buick sales increased 61% in 2023 with sales up across the lineup:
    • Encore GX: 92% increase
    • Envision: 71% increase
    • Enclave: 29% increase
    When has a Buick front end looked this good? Answer? Never. ;)

    Following its mid-2023 launch, the Envista reached 13,302 new drives and its sales momentum has only just begun as it is offering a uniquely premium experience at an approachable price point. Nearly 70% of Envista buyers are new to the brand and the premium Avenir trim achieved 26% of the models retail sales.

    With a long wheelbase, low roof and sleek profile, the Envista is a premium crossover with the riding dynamics of a sedan. Eerily a copy of a smaller Mustang Mach-E but at half the starting price, the all-new Envista rounds out Buick’s North American portfolio with an approachable yet high-end offering.

    The Envista offers the cargo space and utility of an SUV, packaged inside sleek proportions typically found in a Hatch.

    The Envista is one of the most affordable SUVs in the segment, yet incorporates high-quality materials, design and technologies standard. Starting at $23,4951, it is a premium crossover designed to attract migrating sedan owners, to the Buick portfolio.

    The Envista will come in three distinct trims: Preferred, Sport Touring (ST) and Avenir.

    2024 Buick Envista Design

    The Envista is the first vehicle to fully incorporate Buick’s new, modern design language. This includes the new face of Buick, featuring a low-profile silhouette and forward leaning nose. The new Buick emblem is now proudly mounted on the body, directly above a sleek, intricate grille design.

    The profile adds powerful fender forms and a sculpted waistline. Bright trim incorporated around the glass adds to the vehicle’s expressiveness.

    The headlamps and taillamps evolve Buick’s signature wing lighting with a thinner and more crisp form. LED checkmark lamps are mounted high on the fascia, while other functional lighting is lower on the body, creating a refined, layered look.

    In keeping with its sporty nature, all-black 18” wheels are standard on the ST trim, with 19” wheels available. Pearl Nickel 19” wheels are standard on the Avenir.


    Inside, customers may be surprised by the spaciousness. Long windows flood the cabin with light, as material and technology advancements allowed designers to maximize interior cabin space. Enabled by the long wheelbase and efficient layout, the Envista offers the spaciousness and legroom often seen in much larger vehicles. It offers more legroom than any prior Buick small SUV.

    The Envista’s Ultrawide Infotainment Display encompass 19” diagonal combined LCD screens. Like the 2024 Encore GX, the Envista has an 11” infotainment screen — the largest in the segment.

    The latest Buick infotainment system has been optimized to provide an enhanced user interface design, voice recognition and multimedia applications, making driver interaction easier and more intuitive.

    Attention to detail is found throughout the interior, whether that be through crafted colorful stitching on the seats, or Avenir and ST logos embroidered on the head restraints of their respective trims. Even a flat-bottom steering wheel is standard across all trims.

    The cabin experience is enhanced with Buick’s QuietTuning system, which helps prevent unwanted road noise from entering the cabin.

    2024 Buick Envista Safety

    The 2024 Envista includes Buick Driver Confidence with six active safety and driver assistance technologies such as Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, IntelliBeam auto high-beams and a high-definition Rear Vision Camera. All standard.

    The Envista will also offer available safety and driver assistance technologies such as Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control and Rear Cross Traffic Alert for an extra charge.

    A 40/60-split folding second row allows for storage of items up to 7.5 feet long (diagonally). The Envista provides 20.7 cu. ft. of room behind the rear seat and 42 cu. ft. with the rear seats folded down. An available Power Liftgate allows customers to access their cargo area with ease.

    2024 Buick Envista Drivetrain

    The Envista includes a 137 hp and 162 lb-ft. of torque, 1.2L turbo mated to a 6-speed AT providing owners with an ok 28 city/32 highway/30 mpgUS combined rating.


    2024 Buick Envista Pricing
    • Preferred - $22,400 + $1,095 D&H
    • Sport Touring - $24,100 + $1,095 D&H
    • Avenir - $28,600 + $1,095 D&H
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    My niece just took delivery of the Envista's bowtie-wearing brother - a 24 Trax. Same 28/32 rating, but my niece, who hasn't had her first clinic yet, reported her best trip segment mpg in the first few weeks of ownership of 39. The only instruction I had provided on the day of delivery is gentle acceleration, shifting as close to "2" on the tach as possible, and once stopped, no creeping ahead so the auto-stop can do its thing to save fuel, and to glide rather than brake. The usual light timing we all do. It's a crazy deal - around $23k out the door for the loaded version with everything but moonroof and wireless charger - neither of which she wanted.
    The Envista packs the same equipment but scatters it differently over its three trim levels. The only real difference relative to the Chevy - Envista Avenir has the power hatch, but it's missing the rear wiper washer.
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    It's not any uglier than any other GM CUV.
    That's about all the praise I can give.
    I miss having a tachometer.
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