Volkswagen's Highly Anticipated ID.7 Sedan

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    [​IMG] A personal "I cannot wait to drive" is less than 6-months away. ;)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 10, 2024


    At last year’s LA Auto Show, VW brought three pure EV models, one was their updated ID.4 which as most know from my previous write-ups, is one of the best values in the EV market today. We have covered the ID.Buzz for years and that will be arriving in late 2024 as a 2025 MY vehicle. The one I am focusing on below is the real highlight in the VW lineup, that being the upcoming ID.7 Sedan.

    Slated for a second half of 2024 release, the 2025 ID.7 is the first all-electric VW midsize sedan with great aero and the brands latest all-electric drivetrain. It starts with an 82 kWh Li-Ion battery supplying a 282 hp and 402 lb-ft of torque motor that should provide owners with an EPA estimated range of 320 + miles. Expect that number to climb as its release approaches. Regarding charging, the ID.7 will probably arrive with the ID.4 Pro models 400V architecture allowing a 170 KW DCFC maximum rate and a 10 to 80% SOC charge in 30 minutes. While I have hope for the Porsche/Audi 800V architecture and its 170+ KW rate and sub-18-minute charges from 10 to 80%, the increased price for an affordable midsize all-electric is probably not in the cards.

    Considering the 2024 VW ID.4 is built in North America cost less than the Federal Pickup/SUV MSRP threshold of $80,000, it is eligible for the full federal tax credit of up to $7,500. It qualifies due to the fact the battery supplier, SK, sources and manufactures the packs here in the United States. We can expect the 2025 VW ID.7 sedan to also offer the same with an MSRP of less than $55,000 – Federal Tax credit limit for cars, when it arrives as well.

    The ID.7 is more than 16 feet long and equipped with the latest convenience features as a premium midsize sedan. It offers a new drivetrain, long range, quick charging, generous space, a brand new high-tech interior concept.

    The ID.7 will be launched globally. It starts in Europe as a 282-hp ID.7 Pro with 82kWh (gross) battery.

    The ID.7 for the European and North American markets will be produced in Volkswagen’s EV factory in Emden, Germany.

    Exterior - The ID.7 is 195.3 inches long, includes a 117 in wheelbase, and a height of 60.5 in.

    Interior and Tech - Thanks to its long wheelbase and the compact drivetrain, the ID.7 offers a great deal of passenger volume. The electric trunk lid allows up to 18.8 cu ft of capacity; when loaded up to the first row of seats, the volume increases to up to 56.0 cu ft.

    This ID.7 is equipped with an augmented-reality (AR) head-up display (HUD) standard projecting information to the driver’s field of vision. The AR HUD provides a new feature: lane-level navigation, which can help guide the driver into the right lane for a freeway junction at an early stage.

    The all-new 15” central infotainment touchscreen display is both intuitive and customizable. Its display has been divided into two permanently visible strips (one at the top and the other at the bottom) and the home screen.

    What’s more, cooling or heating begins as soon as the driver approaches the ID.7 with their key if the system was active from the previous drive. The air flow can be adjusted individually in the interior by corresponding settings in the central infotainment system display. There is a lot more I have not mentioned within the climate control customization, but we will leave that for it actual arrival.

    VW will offer a 700W Harman/Kardon premium sound system with 12 high-end loudspeakers plus a center front speaker and a subwoofer in the trunk. The driver can adjust the sound focus completely to their seat position when driving on their own if desired.

    The ID.7 will include new seats for the driver and front passenger with electric 12-way adjustment, memory function, convenient entry function and adjustable thigh support. The top trim models will feature a premium seat with a new auto A/C function and an upgraded massage function.

    The ID.7 is available with a panoramic glass roof with smart glass as an option. The transparent roof can be opaque or made transparent again. The switch is activated by touch control in the roof console or by the online IDA voice assistant.

    Drivetrain – The VW ID.7’s new drive system is efficient and uses the latest battery cells have high energy density. The car can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 6.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 112 mph.

    The new electric motor is the most powerful and highest-torque electric drive motor ever offered in a VW EV.

    The lithium-ion battery located in the sandwich floor with a net energy content of 82 kWh (gross). While the vehicle is on the road, a new charging and thermal management function makes sure the battery is pre-conditioned ahead of the next DC charging stop. The battery is brought to the optimum temperature ahead of the charging stop so that it can be charged at maximum power. This enables the charging time to be reduced by several minutes, particularly in winter.

    When route guidance on the navigation system is active, pre-conditioning starts automatically on the way to the next quick-charging station. Without active route guidance, the function can also be manually activated using the charging menu in the infotainment system.

    Volkswagen developed the new inverter, including its software, entirely in-house.

    Chassis - The ID.7 is a comfortable sedan that also offers signature VW handling. With the battery in the floor, the low center of gravity has a positive addition to its handling.

    The basic layout of the running gear consists of strut-type front suspension and a five-link rear axle. A new steering system allows more precise control.

    Driver Assistance - The ID.7 will be launched with Park Assist Plus with a memory function standard. Park Assist Plus allows the vehicle to take over control of acceleration, braking and steering during parking. The memory function records the last 54 yards of a journey and thus records the parking situation.

    Automatic driving into and out of a parking space is possible with the memory function. A total of five parking maneuvers can be saved at a wide array of locations.

    The ID.7 includes assisted lane changing when travelling on multi-lane freeways at speeds above 56 mph. When Travel Assist is active, if there is a corner ahead and the set speed is too high for taking the corner, the system shows the message ‘Corner ahead’ along with a recommended speed. If the driver activates the left or right turn signal, an independent lane change is performed in the corresponding direction within the limits of the system. Drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel during this process.

    When a vehicle door is opened, the new exit warning system warns passengers of vehicles of any kind approaching from behind—including bicycles—and can thus help to avoid a collision.

    Further details, specifications and pricing for the ID.7 will be announced ahead of their respective launches in 2024.
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    I like it !
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    I think one motor is good enough, but what about the folks who think they
    need AWD and massive HP ?
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    Hi Edwin:

    To think a 282 hp and 402 lb-ft of torque motor providing a 0 to 60 time of around 7 seconds would be considered middling today. The "I need more" crowd are getting ridiculous. ;)

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    Hi All:

    A European only offering I would love to own and drive once again. :(

    The All-electric all-rounder - World premiere of the ID.7 Tourer from Volkswagen

    2025 VW ID.7 Tourer

    The ID.7 is the flagship among electric VW models – a progressive sedan with a long range. Volkswagen is now expanding the ID.7 portfolio in Europe with an estate car: the all-new ID.7 Tourer or wagon. It is one of the first all-electric estate cars in the upper mid-sized class. Volkswagen also offers the new Passat - non-EV Variant.


    Both product lines complement each other and together cover all relevant drive types – from highly efficient gasoline and diesel engines to PHEVs with a predicted electric range of more than 62-miles (WLTP) and all-electric vehicles. The new ID.7 Tourer combines the emissions advantages of electric mobility with long WLTP ranges (up to 411 miles or just over 300 on the EPA), a high-quality cockpit landscape, outstanding travel comfort and superior spaciousness – making it an ideal business car. Europe-wide presales are scheduled to start in the first quarter of this year.


    Strong upper mid-sized class. Imelda Labbé, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management, responsible for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, says: “The new ID.7 Tourer is a perfect estate model, especially for families and long-distance drivers. With plenty of space and a high level of comfort, it impresses fully electrically with long ranges!" The ID.7 Tourer will be produced together with the ID.7 fastback saloon and the ID.4 SUV at the electric mobility plant in Emden, Germany.


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    everyone knows that Americans don't like station wagons. :rolleyes:
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    to borrow an overused line on reality competition shows...

    "we don't like them, ... we LOVE them!"
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    How to take a new technology designed to help slow Global Warming, & make sure the new technology doesn't slow Global Warming.

    First, take a company that criminally was killing human beings. Second, don't punish that company, except for a few scapegoats. Third, allow that same company to transform the good technology into a technology that CAN NO LONGER SLOW GLOBAL WARMING.
    I thought 200HP, sub-14 foot EVs were nice, altho a bit over-powered. Lots of people though, think 282HP, 16.25 foot EVs need more power & length.
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    One size does not fit all.
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    Yes, so people SAY. Then, they use big vehicles that are designed to carry lots of people.....& single drivers drive the big vehicles without any other people. america at its wasteful self. Small cars average carrying 1.5 people. Large vehicles average carrying 2.2 people.
    I've carried 4 people over mountain passes....with a 65 HP, 12 foot long car...comfortably & without complaints.
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    15 miles, uphill both ways, in the snow, and barefoot.
    And we never complained.
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    Can't wait to take my Hummer EV on a Washington ferry. I think it qualifies as a regular car! And no problem with on/off loading at low tide with steep ramp angles, though the Bolt EV might get hung up. ;) <I love poking the bear. Just ask Joyce.>

    def of oversized per
    • Gross vehicle weight (GVW) more than 80,000 pounds
    • More than 8 feet, 6 inches wide
    • Ground clearance of less than 14 inches
    • More than 13 feet, 4 inches tall
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    Hiking up hot switchbacks, I said that I would take a swim in the lake at the top of the ridge. Got up there & the lake was half covered over with ice. I swam out to the ice flow & broke off a big chunk of ice. But, I NEVER long as the girls wore their bikinis. :p:D
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    Hi All:

    Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID.7 sedan in the U.S. and Canada. :(

    2025 VW I.D.7


    In Europe, the ID.7 has been on sale since 2023 and winning a number of international awards and comparison tests.

    The multi-year delayed 2025 ID. Buzz is now slated for a Q4 release into North America.

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