Interesting email survey sent to Hyundai owners - Series hybrid?

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    Retailers will see the same problem with people driving their car in with a 95% SOC but parking in the EV charger spot because it's in the front row and they "only need a few things". People who don't have charge-at-home options will be depending on public chargers near retaiiers, in shopping malls and at restaurants, and the slobs that can't park two rows away and walk an extra hundred feet will be there charging their almost fully charged cars. For these knuckleheads, rig the chargers to vary the cost of electricity to be $10 a kilowatt if the battery is over 90%. Sure you can park at a charger with an almost full battery, but it's going to be a very painful experience.
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    An EV charging network/utility in Canada is using tiered pricing to encourage better use of chargers. The rate increases with the 80% SOC slow down, and EVs with slower max charge rates could be charged more for using the faster chargers.
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    Interesting, and could get tricky.

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