Taiwan, Trump, & China

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    With the Taiwan election of presidential-elect anti-chinese communist party(always small letters) William Lai Ching-te as delineated in the above article, the chinese communist party(always small letters) is aghast.

    The article foists the idea that communist china hates the idea of "don'T rump" becoming president again & he would combine strongly with Taiwan's new president. The ccp is colored as a country that wants peace & stability & not the chaos of "don'T rump".

    In truth, one dictatorial regime wants other dictatorial regimes in the world.
    Such an article is a lie & the author is trying to drum up a few more votes for "don'T rump".
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    China has many problems, and Donald is the least of them right now. China wants to expand and take other Asian countries, most notably, Taiwan. Their whole military is based on their missiles, they openly flaunt their numbers, but their missile readiness is abysmal. Corruption and misappropriation are rampant in the Chinese military. It is common for soldiers to remove fuel from missiles and use it as cooking fuel, and refill the missiles with water so the weight is about right. If China attempted to use its missiles, very few of them would actually work, and then they'd be in a position like Russia is with Ukraine... They get in there and find out that they are not as prepared as they thought they were, and get into a long drawn out ground war.

    I've read articles that have suggested that if China wanted to fix the problems with its military it could take decades to bring all equipment up to readiness standards, and to root out all the corruption and theft.
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    communist china(always small letters) wants the World. Starting with the Pacific Ocean (& Africa), communist china(always small letters) is working hard to isolate Australia from the US. Several Pacific island groups that the US fought hard in WWII to free from the Japanese, communist china(always small letters) now works to infiltrate. Economically & diplomatically made "adjustments" to island infra-structure, turn improved commercial dock sites slowly(& rapidly) to communist chinese(always small letters) military purposes.
    Sure communist china(always small letters) is corrupt. They use their 10,000 years of instinctive totalitarian corruption to their advantage, to further corrupt other dictatorial regions that already have their own corruptions.

    As for dictatorial & killing "don'T rump", dictatorial & killing communist chinese(always small letters) know such best AND can manipulate well. "don'T rump" is no problem to the spread of dicatorship & killing, whether it be with death-dealing weapons of communist china(always small letters) or the death-dealing inactions (US ccp coronavirus deaths) of "don'T rump".
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    In response to 08EscapeHybrid, I am happy that Edwin makes a....."political" remark!:D
    Oh, I am so funny....NOT.

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