New Qualifications for EV $7500 Tax Credits

Discussion in 'General' started by litesong, Jan 5, 2024.

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    Right out of the chute, numbers of EVs qualified for the Tax Credits are low. Some still qualifying are only for the lower $3750 tax credits. 2022 & 2023 Chevy Bolt qualify for the full meal deal, if you can find any of the Bolts. Rivians qualify, if you can get a cheap deal, & no options. Anything more expensive, will carry the Rivians over the maximum allowed for the tax credits. The only Tesla Model 3 that qualifies for the tax credits is the Tesla High Performance. Some more expensive Model Y EVs qualify. Oh, some Tesla X models qualify. Ford Lightning pick-ups qualify. But, no Ford Mach-E EVs qualify. Why? I dunno why.
    See, they jerry-rig the qualifications so richer people still get the breaks, but less affluent people are left out in the cold..... because the gov't thinks that less affluent people are lesser people.
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