Month of December 2023 (Nat’l Avg $3.248)

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    Last trip home for 2023 ended at 75.1 on the FCD, 48F, dry and light wind. And that included a stop at the market since going there over the weekend would be insane, with all the nondescripts milling about and looking like the aliens at the end of a Steven Spielberg movie.
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    4:17AM.....Supposed to be 87% chance of rain now, but it isn't raining & the pavement is dry outside. From radar, it appears that rain clouds are running, south to north, west of & parallel to our Cascade Mountain range. So the extra rain inducing uplift & rain backup from the mountains is missing. That probably explains why it isn't raining, despite the cloudiness.
    Temperature is 52degF outside, but this 3rd floor apt. doesn't need heat on. Lower floors must have some heat on. Yeah, I like that, for sure. Hope the early morning walk to the morning church breakfast isn't raining. We'll see.

    PS, 7:17AM....The rain chance has lessened. However, the radar indicates that cloud patterns have shifted from a S to N direction, to a South Southwest to North Northeast direction, pushing slightly into the Cascade Mountain range. That may be why the parking lot pavement has a few damp spots now. We'll see if I get a rainfree walk to the church breakfast. At 10AM, rain chances increase. So I'll take the umbrella, for any rain returning to the apartment.

    PS, 11:30AM..…Church breakfast was good. Not many in attendance. People are probably with family during New Year holiday. The walk to & from was mostly rain free & nothing heavy. Went for 2nd walk but had to return early, due to rain. Still enjoyed myself.
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    As we approach the New Year, despite all my physical problems, since moving to the apt. for 6 months, I've managed to put 730+ miles past my tennis shoes. For $1 near the beginning of the year, I got a garage sale woman's pair that was light weight, fit well & is still going without tears, broken shoe strings or broken down soles. When on rocky ground, I can feel the rocks strongly because of the thinning soles. But on even ground the shoes continue well, after giving me 900+(?) miles. I do have 4 free pair of tennis shoes ready to replace the old ones. Three pair are already in their test stages.
    My tennis shoe miles will reduce dramatically now. I really need an operation...actually more than one, but I'll start with one....if I don't put it off some more months.

    Meanwhile as I've stated already, since May this year, I've only put 3.5 gallons of gas through the Elantra engine & I've saved bunches of money (except for parting from my wife). Maybe I'll be able to afford that EV in 2025? We'll see. Generally, something else comes up, needing money & I've had to put the EV off, already 17+(?) years.
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