Month of December 2023 (Nat’l Avg $3.248)

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  1. litesong

    litesong litesong

    10AM....46degF, rising to 50degF today. Walked to the library with the umbrella which I didn't need. Also, got some milk, potatoes....& a Marionberry pie! I'm set for a while. Increasing chances of rain. I hope for more walking (to the Senior Center?) between the showers.

    3:15PM....Predicted high temp 50degF won't get there. But now the predicted top temp of 48degF is waiting till 7 or 8PM today! Meanwhile, I'll have some Marionberry pie. That'll be nice......after a bite, it is nice, specially with milk. Better than milk & cookies!
    While posting about food, had a small can of Mission Pride apple sauce. Distributed by a California company, but made with our great Washington state apples. Wonderful apple flavor. However, the label shows too much corn syrup. If you can find the label, try some.

    6:20PM...Predicted high temp 48degF won't get there. Now, the predicted top temp of 47degF won't occur till 10PM!
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  2. litesong

    litesong litesong

    6:36AM....Temperature at 40degF. May reach 52degF in mid-afternoon. Warmer temps may get me on the sidewalks earlier today, wearing my Dr. Scholl's tennies. Yes, they are nice, like my Goodyear Comfortred tires were on the Elantras years ago. My walks will not be dictated by rain today, which truncated my walks, yesterday. Hopefully, the church will have an excellent dinner tonight.

    PS.....Oh, oh. Fog is trying to move in, probably sending temperatures below predictions well as ruining binocular views. Maybe I'll finish breakfast &.....go back to sleep. Oh, I like that idea!

    PS, 9AM....Yes, the fog is suppressing temperature, even dropping it down to 39degF now. Still says temperature will get to 51degF. We'll see.

    PS 1, 1:05PM....The sun is shining brightly. As soon as it broke thru the fog at 10AM, I could feel a touch of warmth. Sixty years ago, the breaking, low sun never gave warmth. Who can say, "Increased GHG's"? Despite the early fog, the predicted temp, will be 52degF & for several hours, too. Yes, I can say, "Increased GHG's". Will go for a walk in the bottomland, after lunch.
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  3. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Well.....temp is at 47degF.....& will descend thru the day down to 42degF. To make up for the drop in temp, the chance of rain will rise to 90% to 100% during most of the day. Looks like a good day to stay home.

    PS, 8AM.... rain was a quarter inch in the 7AM hour. It is thought, 1 inch of rain will fall in a 30 hour period. Also, 1.2 inches of rain fell in the mountains northeast of here, during that one hour. That water will raise the rivers north of here, but mountains that drain to our rivers still got 0.8 & 0.9 inches of rain in the 7AM hour. It is thought, 1 inch of rain will fall in the lowland during a 30 hour period. Of course, multiples of that will fall in the mountains & be drained by our rivers.

    Looking back from 10AM, a local accumulated third of an inch in 2 hours ended at 9AM. Lots of rain continues now.

    PS I, 1PM....As the day progresses, the continuous rain is predicted to expand to the 3PM hour. We'll see if the rain actually stops today.
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  4. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Near freezing for the early walk to the church breakfast, but warm clothes makes the travel nice. Sunny(?) weather for the day, so will be some more walking later.

    PS, 2PM....Took a walk in the bottomland. Across the river was one of the 2 Eagles, within a hundred yards of the Eagle nest. I think the 2 Eagles have rented the nest from the original owners, who went south for the Winter.

    I saw a young Troll in the bottomland. Yeah, I did! He had disguised himself excellently & was hiding behind an old Maple Tree that was breaking down & dying. It was hard to tell the Maple Tree from the Troll. But, I could tell.
    Yeah, he was a Troll.
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  5. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Merry Christmas Eve! Just into freezing. Expecting a pleasant weather day & it should warm up before my walk to the Christmas Eve dinner today. Earlier, I may walk to the river & see how the Bald Eagles are doing.

    PS, 10AM.... Oh, oh. Increasing chances of rain into the afternoon. I'll have to have the umbrella.
    PS I, 3PM....Walked to & from an excellent Christmas Eve dinner AND no rain. My umbrella did double-duty. Right now its supposed to be raining, but isn't.
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  6. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Merry Christmas and season's greetings to all!
  7. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Merry Christmas to all, celebrating Jesus' entrance among His people. His action declares that God loves the World, that those who believe in Him, should have Life Ever Lasting.

    PS, 10:40AM.....Went for a beginning Christmas walk without my umbrella, when one raindrop came down. I risked it & kept walking. Had a nice walk, returning to the apt, wet-less. Quarter of an hour later, the forecast says rain & I see a few showers on the western ridge. Later, if its just showers, I'll take another walk.

    PS I, 12;18PM....Oh, yeah. While there was no rain (during my walk), no one was walking on the streets but me, & away from the main drag, there was no one driving. Now that its been raining an hour, there are all sorts of people walking with umbrellas & driving the streets. Lotsa business even in the apt complex parking lot. & yeah, lotsa rain.

    PS II, 6:48PM....Oh, the rain was supposed to slow down in mid-latter afternoon. But, for 8 hrs, it's been raining. Never got my second walk under my shoes, putting it off till the rain did stop. ha ha ha Predictions are for slowing rain by 8PM.
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  8. litesong

    litesong litesong

    10:08AM......Just got my morning walk in. Saw the Moon set earlier, & now a sunny day & above 40degF temperatures. Pretty good for the sun only one sixth of its width from its farthest southern point. Got some milk & 'taters, too. Cooking them up now.
  9. litesong

    litesong litesong

    4:33AM......Rain this morning, supposedly decreasing soon—-the rain stopped. With the sun, now one third of a diameter north of its furthest southern position, does anyone note the lengthening of the days? I don't.
    Guess the full Moon was yesterday, but my wobbly binoculars show it pretty full right now….maybe a few more craters show on one side. But now clouds cover the Moon. Bit windy.

    PS, 7:55AM....50degF, right now, but cooling to 48degF by 11AM and into the afternoon.

    PS I, 10:40AM....53degF, right now, & will remain so, till 2PM & will drop after that time. So much for predictions.

    PS II, 2:40PM....Talking of our mild weather, Australian storm systems were so bad that 10 people have been killed in terrible flooding. A number of deaths occurred to campers, caught in flash floods. I remember I was in some Arizona city & was thinking about camping near a river. I decided to push on & camped, not in a city, but a forested area. Anyhow, I woke up the next day & listened to the radio. A flash flood hit the city's campground, where I was thinking about camping. Can't remember anything about casualties, but I'm glad I wasn't there.

    PS III, 8:45PM.....Well, age is sweeping towards me quickly. I fell asleep this early evening(it was dark already). I woke up in the dark. I got up thinking it was Thursday morning at 7AM. Ate a light "breakfast" cereal. Started to notice that daylight wasn't occurring yet. I checked the time (& date), & "tomorrow" was "yesterday". So my "Back to the Future" episode ended. Not nearly as exciting as the movie!
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  10. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hope you all had a great Christmas.
    I’ve finally managed to change my electricity tariff to a dedicated EV one which is very cheap (for the UK!) at 7.5 pence per kWh for 6 hours overnight every night which I will also use to charge the battery on my solar setup at this time of the year. This powers the house for about 12 hours during the day reducing the amount of full priced electricity I use - woohoo :D
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  11. litesong

    litesong litesong

    10:45AM.....Earlier went for a walk with the umbrella. Very light rain was falling, then quit. The umbrella warded off lots of rain. Will walk for a lunch today. It's raining right now, but lesser rain chance later. Hopefully, carrying the umbrella will ward off more rain. Really pushing the luck tho, if the umbrella can ward the rain, twice in a row! But the weather gods really don't like to see my umbrella.

    1:30PM....Back from a lunch at the Senior Center. Was supposed to be less rain, so taking the umbrella made sure the rain stayed away.
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  12. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    We went for a walk earlier and it started spitting so I ran back to the car, got my umbrella and the rain stopped for the whole walk - yeah, it worked :)
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  13. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Yeah, them weather gods go looking for other prey, who aren't guarded by man-made umbrellas. The weather gods think it is an affront to nature when people have umbrellas. Sometimes the weather gods do push THEIR luck, by causing enough wind to blow the umbrellas in-side-out. The weather gods laugh, hysterically! :p
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  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 38 deg F in Naperville,39 in Elk Grove.
    light rain all the way in.

    Wind NNW 11

    33.4 miles, fcd = 43.9 (ouch)
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  15. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    Heading in this morning - last commute of the year - landed at 55.9 on fcd, in drizzle and 43F. Last night's trip ended at 70.6 in light rain at 46F. The higher rolling resistance of the winter tires shows as lower steady highway speed mpg because the car spends more time with the engine running. You have to coax the car into EV and then featherfoot it to keep it there.
  16. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Whoa, that's top notch for Winter weather! Even with GOOD WEATHER, that would be excellent economy & driving skill. You & Wayne will have to have an economy race. Better, would be an economy run together! Yeah, that would be exciting.
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  17. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Hmmm, it was balmy last night, so I went for a night walk. While walking through the suburbs, one house had a lot of lights on(only minor Christmas lights), & people walking in & out an open door. No one bothered to close the door, between "in & out" activity. Matter of fact, there appeared to be a conversation, while one person was in the open door & there was no effort to close the door while the talking was going on. Is that a sign of the times....& Global Warming? When I was a kid in the 1950's, I don't think I ever saw a door open during the Winter. Think I would have remembered that anomaly.

    Now, this morning, it"s balmy again with morning temps up to 58degF. & top temperature of 59degF today. Will have an excellent walk to the Senior Center for an even more "excellenter" lunch, beef pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, fresh fruit & cupcake. You guys have to come over to our Senior Center for lunch! The only problem is they keep serving "old people" 1% milk. So bring your whole milk with you.
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  18. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Thanks , litesong. But I won't be challenging Wayne, ever.
  19. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Yes, you, MaxxMPG, & Wayne would make an astounding challenges needed.
  20. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    Wayne and I have done exactly that, several times in the past. And Edwin was on the team as well, at least once in late summer of 2013. Lots of capability and vast wealth of knowledge on this site.
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