Toyota Prius Earns MotorTrend Car of the Year for The Second Time in 5 Generations

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    [​IMG] The all-new 5th gen achieves accolades due to its outstanding curb appeal plus excellent blend of performance and efficiency.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 16, 2023


    Los Angeles, CA – For the second time in the 23-year history of Prius in America, Toyota was notified it had achieved MotorTrend’s 2024 Car of the Year during this year’s Los Angeles International Auto Show. It was the groundbreaking 2nd gen that earned the same when it was released back in late 2003.

    The Prius became the world’s first production hybrid car that combined an electric motor with a high-efficiency engine to lower owners’ emissions and cost of ownership with fewer stops at the pump to cover a given distance. The all-new 5th gen has proven itself worthy of the much-vaunted MotorTrend Car of the Year award thanks to an incredible 40 percent increase in straight-line performance – 10 down to 7.2 seconds to 60 mph. This was all due to the large power increase from 121 to 194 HP combined output all the while increasing its chart-topping efficiency from 56 to 57 mpg.
    2024 Toyota Prius Limited


    Besides the incredible 57 MPG combined rating (LE)/54 MPG combined rating (XLE/Limited), it continues to look fast while sitting still. A testament to the new design direction from the minds at Toyota.
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    I'm still mostly happy with my Tucson Hybrid but the new Prius has risen to the top of the pile of alternatives if I had to buy again right now. It would have to be the LE trim because I really dislike the extreme low-profile wheels of the higher trims. Now between FWD and AWD? I don't know. I'm glad Toyota has finally ditched the NiMH batteries after all this time but only 900wh capacity? I would have guessed 1.5kwh would be more appropriate.

    I'm starting to see these around town now and they are very sharp.
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    In Canada the LE level (17" rims etc) is not available, and they're all AWD. :(

    And of course: no spare.
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    What part bothers you? The added cost (don't need AWD) or slightly less efficiency (going for the most efficient)?
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    Hi All:

    I will not bother anyone with details but a recent long drive of a 23 Prius offered up the following result.


    Yeah, it can kick @$$ and take names with the best of them when it comes to extremely low emissions and minimal visits to the pump. ;)

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    Nice number!
    Is it capped at 99.9?
    In the few times I’ve managed to hit that in my Camry hybrid I was left wondering what my MPG really was!
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  7. MaxxMPG

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    In the few times I went over 100 for trip average in the Elantra hybrid, I can say that it drops the decimal and goes to whole numbers when it's over 100. It reached 116mpg before the engine fired up and brought it back down to the 90s. Traffic was too busy to get a picture of the number but it's eerie to see it. I started wondering if something was wrong and was relieved to see the EV light go out. The little MPG bar pegs at 75 but the numbers shown do go over 100.
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    Hmmm....guess there are disadvantages for being too good of a featherfooter. :p:rolleyes:
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