2025 RAM 1500 Ramcharger PHEV-145? Damn!

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    [​IMG] Could this be the ultimate electrified truck putting the Lightning, Silverado EV, Rivian, and Cybertruck in their place?

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 7, 2023

    2025 RAM 1500 Ramcharger PHEV-145


    Ram released some very very very interesting news in the form of their upcoming RAM 1500 pickup truck lineup. Along with the fully electric REV EV, the all-new 2025 Ram 1500 PHEV-145 will be labeled the “Ramcharger” and its claim to fame is that it is not just a fully capable half-ton pickup truck but that it just so happens to have a 145-mile all-electric range. The debut highlighted its targeted range of up to 690 miles! See what happens when you have an all-electric daily driver but when it comes to a lengthy trip or a heavier workload – i.e. Towing up to 7-tons and a 1.3-Ton payload cap, the modern 3.6L V6 gasoline engine carries the load. The all-electric and ICE combination is substantial providing 663 hp and 615 lb.-ft of torque allowing the unloaded pickup to hit 60 in just 4.4 seconds.

    To make a RAM 1500 pickup into a PHEV with 145-miles requires a significant addition including a liquid cooled, 92 KWh Li-ion pack paired with an on-board 130 kW generator and sending its power to a 250 KW front and 238 KW rear electric drive module(s) (EDMs). There is no direct mechanical path from the gas engine to the wheels, so it is a serial HEV/PHEV! The electrified drivetrain is also being promoted as a full on V2G design for vehicle-to-grid or home solution.

    The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger single EDM on the front axle includes an auto disconnect that allows the front wheels to freewheel maximizing efficiency. The second EDM is positioned on the rear axle with an available electronic-locking rear differential.

    The 3.6L V6 was modified for the specific mission of powering the onboard generator, with unique packaging to make room for the front EDM. The on-board generator mounts directly to the engine while a power inverter module mounts on the vehicle and connects to a junction box. The battery is positioned under the floor in the center of the truck allowing for a completely flat floor. 50 of its 145 miles of all-electric range can be refilled in ~ 10 minutes with 400-volt DC fast charging at up to 145 kW. A full-on PHEV that can fast charge? You betcha! ;)

    Like most BEV pickups, the Ramcharger can provide up to 7.2 kW of onsite power out of the bed for work tools or fun.

    Ramcharger Exterior

    The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger features a large, forward-leaning grille with subtle styling differences from the RAM and RAM REV.

    The bed and cab are sub-flush to reduce aerodynamic drag. When plugged in, the R-A-M badge pulsates to indicate the charging status. The charge port features Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging on the top half and DCFC on the bottom half of the charger.

    An all-new power tailgate and EV-specific, premium LED taillight design highlights the rear of the truck.

    The new 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger offers the best lockable bed storage in the segment with the unique and convenient RamBox, featuring a 115-volt outlet. RamBox is illuminated, highly versatile, weatherproof, lockable and includes drain plugs on the bottom of the storage bins.


    Ramcharger Chassis

    On the chassis front, the Ramcharger will arrive with an independent multi-link rear suspension with standard, segment-exclusive, active-level, four-corner air suspension. The adjustable air suspension enables five different modes: lowered entry/exit, lowered aero, normal, jacked up off-road 1 and maximum height off-road 2.

    Ramcharger Interior

    Like all RAM trucks, the 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger will be offered with one of the most opulent interiors of any truck on the planet. Premium materials include carbon fiber, metal and leather will combine to deliver a level of luxury only available in a Ram truck.

    The Uconnect 5 system includes a new 14.5” central touchscreen, 12.3” digital instrument cluster, a segment-first 10.25” passenger screen, digital rearview mirror, Head-up Display (HUD) and a Klipsch Reference Premiere audio system.

    Other enhanced features include an e-shifter (P/R/N/D functionality with new buttons for eco mode, e-save and electric+), new regen buttons (normal, max regen with one pedal driving), a redesigned starter button that now features an illuminated power symbol, push-button trailer steering knob and an accessory switch bank that, when equipped with the 14.5-inch touchscreen, uses buttons both on the bottom of the touchscreen and directly off screen below.

    The 2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger uses performance-tuned software to pre-configure between five dynamic modes – Auto, Sport, Tow, Snow and Off-road – enabling drivers to choose a setting that meets their requirements no matter the conditions.


    The new Ram 1500 Tungsten trim’s Indigo/Sea Salt interior includes new platinum patina/semi-bright dual-textured metal accents, featuring diamond knurling, suede-wrapped headliner, A- and B-pillars and visors, and heated and ventilated premium quilted Natura Plus leather driver and front passenger seats with 24-way power, including memory settings and a massage function, power lumbar support and four-way powered headrests. Other features that give Tungsten a well-crafted, high-quality feel and appearance include a Tungsten badge on the center console featuring inlaid metal lettering and diamond knurling, which also proudly displays the vehicle identification number or VIN, brushed platinum patina aluminum litho bezels, a unique crystal-effect shifter center cap, an ultra-premium Klipsch Reference Premiere audio system with 23 speakers, all-new dual wireless chargers and a metal pedal kit.

    Ram owners can now add a digital key to their smartphone or watch to access and start their vehicle. After enrolling in Ram Connect and downloading the Ram app to a compatible device, owners can create and store digital keys in their smartphone’s wallet. They can then access their vehicle without removing the phone from their pocket. Digital keys can be shared with other compatible devices, while the owner retains full control over the access. An NFC-based smart card is provided to users as a backup. This can be used to unlock and start the vehicle in cases where the smartphone is not available. While traditional key fobs remain standard, digital keys give customers more flexibility in terms of how they access their trucks.


    The Ramcharger is scheduled to arrive after the all-electric 2025 Ram 1500 REV which is itself scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2024. Pricing, and full trim inclusion should be available shortly before its 2025 release.

    Damn RAM, who would have thought! :D
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    The Ramcharger batterypack has about 1.4 times the battery pack of the ALL-electric Chevy Bolt & will move the Ramcharger only 56% of the distance a Chevy Bolt will travel. I'm sure, there will be even more wasteful partial EV & EV products that american manufacturers can dream up.
    BUT LOOK AT ALL THAT CAPABILITY. Yeah, they'll work hard to pretend they actually NEED that ability...... "If I don't get the Ramcharger, I'm going to starve to death". No, no, no...."If I don't get the Ramcharger, MY FAMILY will starve to death"......on 2nd thought.

    But Wayne, you said it, "very very very interesting".
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    Hi Litesong, this vehicle is not for you but could be for a pickup truck owner who is looking for an electrified alternative. Meaning it will tow over 7 tons if necessary and carry over a ton in the bed.

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    Fair efficiency for a hybrid gas truck, but bettered by the F-150 hybrid. I calculated from 690 miles, 145 miles EV range, 92 kWh, and 27 gallon gas tank. 1.58 miles/kWh EV mode. 23.3 MPGe overall. 16.5 MPG on gas alone. (edit2: unless I miscalculated, this would be a shameful number) The Ford is rated 24 MPG on gas.

    The lead foots will like the acceleration.

    edit: "Maybe" worth it if always driven in EV mode, but then the limited EV range would be unacceptable for most drivers.
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    • As I said, they dream up potential CAPABILITIES. Bet taking a future AVERAGE of EV pickups, the large majority of time, these trucks won't be towing or carrying much at all(the fancy metal tool box in the truck bed doesn't count). In the past (now?), the "workhorse" ICE pickups are often the small pick-ups. The largest, newest, & fanciest (specially the glowing red) pick-ups.....carry nothing.
    • A new era is coming.....EV drivers who dote on their EVs only get sub-2Miles per kW-hr.....& later still....EV drivers who worship & bow at the front of their truck that gets less than 1 Mile per kW-hr.
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    Series hybrid efficiency will be low at higher speeds, but the EV range is up there with the shorter range BEVs on the market. For the majority, it should be a 99+% EV. The hybrid efficiency may not be any better than a non-hybrid truck while on trips and towing, but it will still mean greatly reducing gasoline use.
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    The series-hybrid aspect is an efficiency ball-and-chain that's hard to overcome. The V6 may be another pitfall. Is it the same tired old Pentastar V6 that was obsolete 15 years ago? Strike two, if so. I wonder why they didn't use the turbo-4 PHEV used on the Jeeps? I have not kept up with the 4xE powertrain but it makes a lot of power and has some experience behind it.
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    How can something called Pentastar be obsolete? Its all in the name, isn't it? Five stars ought to be able to absorb 2 strikes....even if Nolan Ryan is pitching. :confused:o_O
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    It is looking like they used the Pentastar version from the Pacifica hybrid; an Atkinson mated to a 130kW generator. Like the Otto V6 version, the Jeeps little turbo is more power than needed. If the series operation is done right, the engine should be running at a limited set of speeds, or even just one. The light load advantage of a down sized turbo isn't needed. The smaller size of the 4 cylinder isn't needed here, and that could be negated by the intercooler.

    Then the why is the same as for the Volt and i3 REx. To keep costs in check. Most of those are going to the large battery, and this truck as additional features and a new platform to pay for.

    The Jeep 4xe also has worse hybrid efficiency than the ICE model with that engine. In a Ram, it will boosting all the time. Probably sucking down more gas than the old Pentastar in those conditions.
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