Honda Aircraft Reveals New Light Jet: The Echelon

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    [​IMG] 20% more efficient and finally the HondaJet will have a competitive trans-continental range of over 2650 nautical miles!

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 16, 2023


    Honda Aircraft revealed its "HondaJet Echelon" as the official name of its new light jet at 2023 National Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

    The new name signifies the company's vision for the next-generation business jet, elevating efficiency to new heights while also delivering premium comfort and convenience.

    HondaJet Echelon Technology and Capabilities

    The HondaJet Echelon, previously introduced as the HondaJet 2600 Concept in 2021, sets a new paradigm by offering a mid-sized jet experience in the light jet category. The aircraft is designed to be the world's first single-pilot light jet capable of nonstop transcontinental flight across the United States. This offering targets a reduction in operating costs and creates an owner experience previously unattainable. Furthermore, the design of the HondaJet Echelon incorporates electrification and automation of its systems, leading towards augmented pilot capabilities, reduced workload, and enhanced safety.

    HondaJet Echelon Design Concept

    The design concept of the HondaJet Echelon revolves around travel efficiency to fulfill missions and offer an experience typically reserved for larger aircraft. The aircraft is set to deliver unmatched fuel efficiency through aerodynamic innovations to outperform conventional light jets by up to 20% and mid-sized jets by over 40%. As a premium addition to the HondaJet family, the HondaJet Echelon will also feature a holistic focus on the cabin experience encompassing space, comfort, and productivity.

    HondaJet Echelon Program Progress

    In June of this year, Honda Aircraft announced its decision to commercialize the HondaJet Echelon, along with the identification of key suppliers.

    The HondaJet Echelon design is well underway having met the following milestones:
    • Installation of the first structural test rig was completed Q4 2021
    • Successful exit of conceptual design and completion of aircraft Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
    • Official power-on ceremony for the HondaJet Echelon's Advanced Systems Integration Test Facility (ASITF) at the company's Greensboro, NC (U.S.) HQ in August
    Production of the HondaJet Echelon will take place within the Honda Aircraft's facility at Global HQ in Greensboro, NC. Early build processes are scheduled to begin in 2024. The first flight is planned for 2026, followed by type certification anticipated in 2028.

    Honda Aircraft is utilizing the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Book and Claim (SAFC) Program for its ferry flights to and from NBAA-BACE to promote the deployment of SAF and support the industry's commitment to carbon neutrality.

    HondaJet Echelon Specifications

    Engines - Williams International FJ44-4C
    Avionics - Garmin G3000
    Configuration -

    1 crew + 10 pax
    2 crew + 9 pax

    NBAA IFR Range (1 crew + 4 pax) - 2,625 nm
    Max. Cruise Speed - 450 KTAS
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    Never understood why efficient car manufacturer Honda didn't start with an efficient airplane. I assume Honda wanted to start with a good airplane in the first place. In the interim, Honda probably attracted some of the best metallurgists & structures engineers, showing the scientists that Honda was in aviation for the long term. At least that is the hope for Honda in aviation, now.
    It would be excellent if Honda & other Japanese aviation manufacturers can show themselves superior to communist chinese (always small letters) efforts in commercial aviation.
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    Honda started with engines for bicycles, and have just been moving up. Their original plan was to just make jet engines, but they couldn't get any existing plane company interested.
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    Yeah, HondaJet is moving the next echelon. That's for sure. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Watched an advertising blurb for the multi-million dollar HondaJet, showing a walk-thru of the interior. Noted comfort items included fold-down arm rests attached to the seat backs to rest one's arm along the isle. It would be worthy of mention....except my 2008 Hyundai Accent has the same fold-down armrest for the driver's right arm which has worked well for 16 years. At one time, I saw Accents being sold for $14,000. Yes, that's right.....2 Accents selling for $14,000 total price. I wonder if Honda had to pay royalties to Hyundai for the armrest idea.
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    250th HondaJet

    Honda Aircraft announced delivery of the 250th HondaJet since it began customer deliveries in late 2015. The milestone underscores the aircraft’s prominence in the business aviation market. The 250th HondaJet recently rolled off the Greensboro, North Carolina production line and completed the Standard Certificate of Airworthiness (SCoA).

    2024 HondaJet


    The HondaJet, which earned its type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2015, holds 14 type certifications around the world. Its progressive evolution, from the HondaJet (2015), to the HondaJet Elite (2018), the Elite S (2021), the Elite II (2022), and upcoming Echelon has consistently redefined the very light jet category. Renowned for being the most fuel-efficient, fastest, highest, and farthest flying aircraft in its class, the growing fleet of the HondaJet is a testament to Honda Aircraft Company’s commitment to bringing new value to customers.

    Honda Aircraft also announced that the HondaJet global fleet has surpassed 210,000 flight hours with an exceptional dispatch reliability of 99.7%, another track record of the HondaJet’s reliability and performance. As its fleet size grows, the HondaJet’s customers consistently enjoy convenient access to high-quality support and services. This is ensured by Honda’s strong global network, comprising Authorized Sales Representatives (ASR) and Authorized Service Centers (ASC) across Americas, Europe, and Asia, further enhancing the flying experience for each HondaJet customer.

    As the HondaJet continues to establish itself as a leader in its class, Honda Aircraft remains committed to reshaping the future of aviation mobility. This commitment is reinforced by the development of the upcoming Echelon, the company’s visionary path for a next-generation business jet, elevating efficiency to new heights while also delivering premium comfort and convenience.

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