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    Good story. Active in Oregon and Washington states and spreading.

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    Oh, how interesting. For Oregon & Washington state they say? I think I'll have to try this program of EV availability. I really want to see how real-world usage of the possible FREE L2 charging EVSEs are, as I drive from one area to another! But, I don't want to be PAYING my rental fee, while I charge at an L2 EVSE. I need to get special permission that I will be L2 charging the rental EV without myself having to pay the rental fee. Of course, I want to drive a Chevy Bolt EV, not a Ford Mach=e, or other EV I'm not interested in. OK, we'll see, if I can do it, without falling into an expensive trap.
    At $5 per hour, I might be able to do it for a bit of time, especially if they give me a break while I charge the EV at L2 EVSEs. Maybe, THE RENTAL OUTFIT MAY PAY ME to charge the car. But I doubt that. The money would be insignificant to them......altho a little money means a lot to me!

    Thanks Bill, for posting this very interesting program.
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    Hi litesong, you saw the $5 per hour number. That includes everything. Cost of electricity is included by my reading... :)

    </quote> CONNOR HERMAN: “So, with EV car sharing, it’s a way to spread out the cost, so for one fee of around five dollars per hour, folks get to use a car which comes with insurance, roadside assistance, the electric fuel– the charging for that– to really bring down a lot of those upfront barriers that come to owning any vehicle, but also especially with EVs.” </endquote>

    edit: okay, I re-read your post. looks like you're already trying to reduce that $5/hour cost. :)
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    Yes, that $5/hour will get up to $100+ readily. If I spend half my time(more?) charging, $100 will hurt me.....readily. I'll be charging AND in so doing, saving infra-structure of the program. But, some penny-pincher in the program will say, "no, we can't do that."

    The big problem appears that I have to travel to Seattle (which I despise), so I can return to my area with an EV to test our county's EVSEs. As far as I can tell, the AMP isn't happening in my county. I gotta find a phone number to call somewhere.

    Thanks again, Bill. I'll find some practical details.
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