US Finds Lithium & Already Trouncing Native Tribes

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    Sputtering efforts by the US to increase Electric Vehicle production is fine tuning the engines of industry as the age of electric transportation arouses itself. The US has found itself behind some of the technical nations in its potential discoveries of lithium deposits, which seem to be the first doorway to get EVs up & running in the US.
    It now appears that greatly significant quantities of lithium have been found along the Oregon-Nevada border, near(in?) the "Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation". Not only that but mining companies are staking claims quickly by the hundreds (many more?). Also, these companies have gotten ahead of Native Tribes in court cases which already block such Native Tribes from slowing companies & their powerfully proliferating claims.

    On the Oregon-Nevada border, one possible lithium discovery of years ago, recently appears to be blowing up into one of the richest lithium finds in the world. As stated, Native Tribes are bulldozed aside (even sacred Native Tribal sites & rights) & now land desecrations are occurring, as mining companies gear up their best lithium extraction techniques. Yes, the companies are using "climate change environmental considerations" to deep-six original environmental damage protections.
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