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    [​IMG] A new larger LED screen, up to 9 parameters displayed in a single screen, automatic X-Gauges downloaded via Wi-Fi and installed, and it still diagnosis’ and clears CEL codes. ;)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 5, 2023

    My 2023 Toyota Prius LE with ScanGauge III attached

    Temporarily mounted until I lock down a permanent location for my own driving adventures.​

    Linear Logic - Designing vehicle diagnostics equipment since 1996

    Linear Logic was founded in Arizona in 1982 with its first products directed toward the Apple II PC, aircraft intercoms, and headsets.

    In 2004, they introduced the original ScanGauge I.

    Remember during this period, few vehicles were equipped with any kind of consumption display outside the Honda and Toyota Hybrids. In fact, few offered anything outside of a Speedometer, Tach, Trip meter and Odometer. What the original ScanGauge I provided was an honest to goodness fuel consumption display with up yo four OBD-II parameter's displayed as you desired. On top of that, the ability to pull codes and reset them before or after repair was a huge win for the home automobile mechanic/ enthusiast!

    ScanGauge I

    It may not have been pretty, but it got the job done back in its day. As shown in my long ago sold 2003 Ford Ranger pickup. ;)

    This was a new-to-the-industry product which turned ordinary diagnostic data from the vehicle into useful automotive gauges and information that could be viewed in real time for us, the driver to use as we saw fit.

    In May of 2006, the standard within the industry, ScanGauge II was introduced. In response to requests to make the display larger, the case smaller and the backlight in more colors than just orange-red, the ScanGauge II was introduced. This was a true workhorse for many here at CleanMPG as Ignition timing (IGN) along with the instantaneous Fuel Consumption display were shown to be key parameter to monitor for more efficient driving. Later, the ScanGauage E was offered for people who wanted a lower cost and even smaller unit optimized for reducing fuel cost. The ScanGauge II can still be purchased today at a retail of $169.95 at any number of online, brick and mortar Automotive retailers, and Linear Logic ScanGauge itself.

    ScanGauge II

    The instrument many of us sharpened our skills with and lives on into this day and age.​

    After 15-years, technology has moved at a blistering pace with most vehicles now incorporating fuel consumption displays and graphs of some sort or another. To keep up, Linear Logic designed and released a new product, the all-new ScanGauge III. What the new ScanGauge III provides is an all-new and easy to configure user interface within a much larger LED display and now includes mounting options.

    ScanGauge III

    What you receive in the well-constructed and ScanGauge III protected box.​

    With a retail price of $269.95, I installed the ScanGauge III in my just purchased 2023 Toyota Prius LE hours ago so I have limited experience outside the setup. The setup is even much easier than its predecessors with very little in the way of selecting options from buried menus like the ScanGauge I and II required.

    And of course, I am displaying my favorite Fuel Consumption screen with a round dial gauge showing both the instantaneous and averaging along with Trip Cost, Avg Speed, Trip Time, and Tank MPG. I believe these gauges can be configured and with the Trip A/B being covered by the wheel of the 2023 Prius and Prius Primes, I am hopeful I can display Trip A/B on this display too.

    With the new more modern looking display and a Garmin like windscreen suction cup mount, the entire pkg. is now included in the box. If there was one item I would have likes to see included, it is a side port along with the single rear port like the ScanGauge II offered for an even easier way to hide the included OBD-II cabling within and behind the dash plastic.

    ScanGauge III

    What the current state of the art looks like and provides.​

    I will let you know my experiences going forward but the ability to see multiple parameters in an easier to read, larger LED screen is more than just an upgrade! Setting up your vehicle with numerous individual gauges you want to see on a single screen without mountains of button pushes is worth its weight in gold vs ScanGauge setup and operation in the past. Did I mention the scanning and clearing codes is even easier now? Yeah, that too. :)
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    I think it's time for an upgrade... Is it known if the SGiii has the same programmability to enter unique data requests?

    So far I have been avoiding any sort of gage in the hybrid because for some reason the gage doesn't see the "key off" and it will run down the battery if left plugged in. As I recall, Scan Gauge has a couple of options to detect "key off" so it's all but guaranteed to go to sleep by the time you lock the door. I think a new SGiii is in my future.
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    Another gauge to help compensate for the dreadful one the OEM installed. Of course, there's no way to install this aftermarket gauge in a way that looks like it belongs there. Aesthetics are a big deal to most people--esp. with a new car. In my Tucson I have a gps that sits on the dash, ugly as sin, with an ugly cord dragging down across my infotainment screen. I would love to have the unit integrated into the infotainment center nice and neat, and they do that, but I won't pay $xxxx for the privilege.
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    Ah….It would be nice to have an ugly infotainment screen. Would look like a custom installation.
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    Do you have any updates on your experiences with the new SG3 from your initial post in May? D$W is thinking of doing a holiday group buy of SG2 and SG3 for our D$W members.
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    Hi Bradlee:

    I used one for a few thousand miles this summer in a 23 Prius LE. The ability to watch 9 different parameters within a much more modern display and the auto X-Gauge scan which pulls up parameters you would have never thought of is beyond first rate.

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