January 6th Oath Keepers Breech of the US Capital Sentences

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    The Department of Justice of the United States, after the conviction of 9 Oath Keepers for treason with conspiracy plans to overthrow the government of the United States has issued sentence recommendations to the Court. The DOJ issued sentence lengths ranging from 10 years to 25 years. Also filing a list of grievances against the convicted traitors, DOJ recommendations to the Court, that extra years of sentences CAN BE ADDED, if the Court upon consideration, deems extra years of punishment are in line with justice.

    Such considerations should lead to higher sentences AND NOT by a little bit.
    Of course, further investigations have been mounted & further investigations must be mounted to finally reach in-government political conspirators & traitors. I’m not talking about just “don’T rump”, but lower ranked republicans & influencers. Even blocks of conspirators & traitors must be considered.

    Too much time has already passed & these late sentences & punishments which may lead to other sentences & punishments, might be “too late” sentences & punishments. Efforts to over-throw the US government & replace it with a one-man dictatorship are continuing…..AND ARE VIABLY POSSIBLE.
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