Fram’s New “Synthetic Endurance” Premium Oil Filter

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    [​IMG] An oil filter with a no slip surface and a high quality synthetic media? I think I might have to try one out. ;)

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – April 12, 2023


    FRAM Oil Filters are used in automotive applications to protect engines from contaminants and extend their lifespan. The FRAM brand was first introduced in 1934 by the FRAM Corporation, which was founded by FRederic Franklin and T. Edward AldAM. And this is how FRAM came about its corporate name.

    At that time of incorporation, the automotive industry was rapidly changing, and engines were becoming more complex. This led to the need for a better oil filter that could effectively remove dirt, dust, and metal particle contaminants from engine oil. Franklin and Aldam developed a replaceable oil filter that used a replaceable paper element to trap these contaminants for disposal with every oil change.

    Over the years, FRAM has continued to innovate and improve their oil filters with new technology such as the SureGrip anti-slip texture for easier installation and the Ultra Synthetic filter media for enhanced filtration efficiency. They are also designed to meet the specific needs of various engine types and applications, from high-performance sports cars to heavy-duty commercial trucks. They are engineered to provide reliable performance and long-lasting protection against engine wear, helping to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently.

    Today, FRAM oil filters are widely used by automotive enthusiasts, professional mechanics, and OEMs around the world.

    Which brings us to their very latest offering. FRAM just announced the launch of a new and innovative premium oil filter exclusively at Walmart called the FRAM Synthetic Endurance.

    FRAM Synthetic Endurance is a premium, high-flow synthetic oil filter that provides maximum protection and performance for up to 25,000 miles when paired with the appropriate synthetic motor oil. Engineered with a heavier steel construction, FRAM Synthetic Endurance provides enhanced durability to meet the demands of today’s higher-pressure engines.


    The FRAM Synthetic Endurance is equipped with durable, heavy-duty construction, a fully synthetic media that provides 99% filtration, and 360° textured grip for easy installation and removal.

    FRAM Synthetic Endurance was uniquely designed with innovative technology to provide vehicles with extended protection and performance that exceed beyond standard oil filter function. FRAM Synthetic Endurance filters feature:
    • High-Flow Synthetic Oil Filter provides proven protection for up to 25,000 miles
    • 360°Textured Grip provides non-slip surface for easier installation and removal
    • Perfect Seal No-Stick Gasket provides extended durability that is designed for longer synthetic oil change intervals
    • Heavy Duty Base Plate engineered to withstand higher pressure engines
    FRAM Synthetic Endurance oil filters are only available at Walmart retail locations in the United States.
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    Hi All:

    I purchased 10-packs of Toyota filters for my 20 and 21 Prime in the past for a great price but I am out. I picked up a 5-quart container of Mobil1 0W-16 ($26.97, down $3 from just weeks ago) and one of the brand new FRAM Synthetic Endurance filters. A bit expensive at $12.97 but I will take the higher quality build materials as a win.


    The filter is so new it is not even listed on the FRAM fitment website but Walmart had an updated fitment book in the Oil and Filter aisle showing the "Synthetic Endurance" using the same FRAM "XX"4967 model as the rest of the Prius Prime's filter spec fits.
    • FRAM Synthetic Endurance - FE4967
    • FRAM Ultra Synthetic - XG4967
    • FRAM Titanium - FS4967
    • FRAM Force - FF4967
    • FRAM Tough Guard - TG4967
    • FRAM Extra Guard - PH4967
    • FRAM Drive - FD4967
    I hope the above helps?

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