When on a Road Trip, Check the Gas Buddy App!

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    Needles, CA is on occasion known to have some of the highest priced fuel in the country. In this case, a number of mainstream suppliers are charging $6.29 per gallon for the liquid gold.

    Just 3-miles down the road and across the CA/AZ border in Mojave Valley, AZ, a newer station called THALYPO was offering up the go juice for just $3.23/gallon.


    I have never seen that kind of delta over that short of distance before.

    Use the GasBuddy App as it may save you plenty of your hard earned $s.

    I also pulled into a Dollar General just down the street from the THALYPO gas station and made some small purchases. There was no Recycle fees on containers and no tax on the food and beverage purchases. I assume this is Indian Reservation land without all the State and Federal taxes attached possibly?

    Something good to know for anyone traveling across the desert southwest.
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    Hi All:

    And while you are at it, another item for those hitting the road and driving into California this year. Roadside Highway Rest Area restrooms rank at the bottom. Go before crossing the border is the best advice.
    The Rest Area here past Flagstaff eastbound on the 40 between Winslow and Flagstaff is clean, stocked, and it appears the caretakers give a damn.


    You should see some of the Rest Areas in VA and FL. Darn near a must see just due to the architecture!

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