Hyundai introduces anti-theft software to put the TikTok nonsense to bed once and for all

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    Hyundai announced today - Valentines Day - that they have a new software update that will offer immobiliizer ability to most existing models that are prone to being TikTok'd.

    My simpler solution is to get a realistic-looking urethane or butyl rubber pit viper and leave it coiled up on the back seat. Then put a small sign on the dash - "Please do not knock on the window - my venomous pit viper is sleeping. But do feel free to wave hello unless you resemble a delicious mouse. Thank you"

    The Hyundai software solution is pretty simple - Open the door with the key fob and the car can be started. Lock the door with the key fob Lock button and it disables engine start. Break into the car and try to start it without unlocking via key fob - engine will not start.

    They set up a website for owners to check if their car would benefit from the update:

    Or you can go with my solution and be sure to check on Youtube for "care and feeding of a pit viper". Added bonus - you don't need to worry about mice chewing on the wiring harnesses.
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    Just put real Rubber Boas in the back seat. Put your car on “Dog Mode” so the Boas don’t die.
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