United Kingdom Vehicles Down, EVs Up

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    [​IMG] In the last year, UK vehicle sales have dropped by 9.8%, while UK EV sales have increased by 4.8%.

    Litesong – CleanMPG – Jan. 31, 2023

    Future 2024 VW ID.7


    Despite supply constraints and temporary production stops, the VW Group has made significant progress in its electric transformation in 2022. Through all of 2022, 572,100 all-electric VW vehicles were handed over to customers around the globe. Compared to 2021, this is a substantial increase of 26 percent. The BEV share of total deliveries thus reached 6.9 percent, up from 5.1 percent a year earlier.

    VW remains the BEV market leader in its home market of Europe and reached the fourth position in this segment in the US. The strongest increase came from China, where BEV deliveries were up by 68 percent year over year. Due to above mentioned challenges, overall global deliveries were down 7 percent on prior year to 8.3 million vehicles. In the second half of 2022, a slightly improved supply situation led to an increase of deliveries of 12 percent year over year. However, this could not make up for the losses of 22 percent year over year in the first half year. The Group’s order bank remains on a high level of 1.8 million vehicles in Western Europe alone, thereof 310,000 BEVs...

    In Europe, VWs overall deliveries declined by 10.4 percent to 3,153,200 vehicles whereas BEVs were up by 13.4 percent to 352,000 units. The majority of 2,711,300 vehicles was shipped to Western Europe where the decline was less pronounced with 5.2 percent. BEVs were in high demand in this region and reached a share of 12.6 percent of all deliveries (2021: 10.5 percent). Thus, VW remains market leader in this segment in Europe. The order bank in Western Europe remained high at 1.8 million vehicles - including 310,000 BEVs - due to supply constraints. In Germany, the Group’s home market, deliveries were up by 3.8 percent to 1,029,600 units. The BEV share reached a level of 11.6 percent (2021: 11.4 percent). Deliveries in Central- and Eastern Europe declined significantly by 32.9 percent to 441,900 vehicles due to the effects of the war in Ukraine.
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    European EV sales are increasing quickly and quietly. Vehicles with a plug are around 1/4 of all new passenger car sales in Europe now, with around half of that being plug-in hybrids and the other half being full EVs.
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    I'd like a paint scheme like that. At least you'd stand out from the crowd.
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