STRONG Increasing Climate Change Effects

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    Reuters reports this article about the ravages of climate change:

    A clip from the article:
    The agency, based in New York and led by former UK politician David Miliband, flagged that the number of people in humanitarian need has skyrocketed in the last decade, approaching 339.2 million versus the 81 million seen in 2014.
    Clear & immediate reasons for the rocketing numbers forced by Climate Change, are increases of wars, ccp coronavirus, increasing floodings & levels of floodings, & a lack of increased donors to cope with the climate driven tragedies.
    People forced to abandon their homes recently, may be near 70% above the 60 million in 2014, to over 100 million.
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    The Arctic has seen lessening sea ice for decades. The Antarctic, because of its miles-deep ices over the lands at the South Pole, has had more variable ice losses, altho ice losses they have been. Presently, Antarctic sea ice for nearly the past month, has led all past measured years for sea ice losses.

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