Meet the US Spec, All-new, 5th Gen, 2023 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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    Many Japanese cars were beige in the '80s, including my "calm beige" '81 Mazda. On a cloudy day, beige is more visible than gray, but less visible than yellow.
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    My Nova was invisible to other traffic.

    I let my wife drive that carbureted POS and then I bought my Civic Si.
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  3. xcel

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    Hi All:

    While perusing the Japanese Toyota Consumer site, I as looking at the Prius Prime and Prius specs. In particular, look at the 2023 Toyota Prius with the available and older 1.8L I4 ICE.


    The 2023 Toyota Prius with the 2.0L is rated on the WLTC vastly short of the Japanese spec 1.8L I4 as shown below:

    2023 Toyota Prius w/ the 2.0L I4

    Combined Mode: 28.6 km/L
    City Mode: 26.0 km/L
    Suburban Mode: 31.1 km/L
    Highway Mode: 28.2 km/L

    2023 Toyota Prius w/ the 1.8L I4 <-- Not offered here. Yet. :(

    Combined Mode: 32.6 km/L - 13.9% higher than the 2.0L
    City Mode: 29.9 km/L - 15% higher than the 2.0L
    Suburban Mode: 37.3 km/L - 20.0% higher than the 2.0L
    Highway Mode: 31.2 km/L - 10.6% higher than the 2.0L

    Son of a *****!!! I would do anything to have the 23 Prius with the 1.8L if the FE rating and possibly real world fuel economy is that much higher than the 2.0L we are being offered here. :( A 57 mpg rating for the 23 LE with the 17s could be upwards of 65 mpg combined with the 1.8L!!!

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    It actually isn't the older 1.8L. It is the one in the 2023 Corolla hybrid, which has a performance boost over the previous year's 1.8L, and part of the reason for the drop in the car's highway rating. The car also got wider tires.
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  5. xcel

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    Hi Trollbait:

    The 23 Prius w/ the 1.8L specs are identical to the 4th gens 1.8L.

    Japan Spec 5th Gen 1.8L

    1.797L from 80.5 mm bore (= 3.17 in) x 88.3 mm stroke (= 3.48 in)
    Peak HP: 98 PS (= 96.6 HP)
    Peak Torque: 142 N•m@ 3,600 RPM

    U.S. Spec 4th Gen 1.8L

    1.797L from 3.17 in. bore x 3.48 in. stroke
    Peak HP: 96 horsepower @ 5,200 rpm
    Hybrid System Net Horsepower 121 horsepower (90kW)
    Peak Torque: 105 lb-ft @ 3,600 rpm (142 N•m@3,600 rpm)

    These look to be identical. I wonder if the Japanese spec 1.8L was updated with the new 5th gen inverter and harnesses???

    In either case, the 5th gen is going to hurt vs the 4th gen I4 in the same platform if the 2.0L is as thirsty as the Japanese specs indicate by comparison to the 1.8L. :(

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    I see my error. A lot of places don't report hybrid system power separately. Instead listing that number under engine power. Toyota themselves does this themselves on the US site for the Corolla hybrid.
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  7. xcel

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    Hi Trollbait:

    Keeping everyone on the same page is always a good thing. Trying to disseminate specs from a Japanese web page will cause problems for all of us.

    The overall detail however is concerning. With the Japanese spec 1.8L and possibly the exact same drivetrain as that in the 4th gen incl. HSD being as much as 15% more efficient than the all-new 5th gen's 2.0L on the WLTC, has me wondering. Yes there is a huge jump in power but a 15% hit in efficiency?

    All-in, a 5th gen shell and platform with the 4th gen drivetrain and especially the 15", 4th gen wheels and tires would be the real deal. Maybe we will receive an Eco version equipped as described in a few years? ;)

    2023 Toyota Prius Prime (Japan PHEV) Cutaway


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