All-new 5th Gen 2023 Toyota Prius Japanese Introduction Details

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    [​IMG] The Japanese specs will vary slightly from the US equipment which I will reveal tomorrow night after the NDA has lapsed.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Nov. 16, 2022

    B-Roll of the all-new, 5th gen Prius on the road.​

    Toyota has unveiled the all-new Prius for the first time globally, with Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) models to launch this winter and the Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) – Prime here, models to launch this coming Spring of 2023.

    Arriving with the tagline "Just in time for the 21st century," the Prius was first launched in 1997 as the world's first mass-produced hybrid car.

    The model's second generation introduced the Prius' distinctive monoform silhouette for the first time and delivered even better fuel efficiency with the inclusion of an evolved Series Parallel Hybrid System (THSII).

    The third generation Prius introduced a larger capacity 1.8L I4 and more efficient hybrid system to not only enhance fuel efficiency but improve straight-line performance.

    The fourth generation Prius used the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform for the first time to deliver improved all-around driving performance.

    Meaning "to go before" in Latin, the Prius has led the expansion of HEVs over the 25 years since it was first launched as a new-generation eco-car with outstanding fuel efficiency. Total cumulative sales of the Prius worldwide have reached about 5.05 million units, accounting for a reduction equivalent to at least about 82 million tons of CO2 emissions through March of 2022. While the hybrid system had its start with the Prius, almost every model these days, from compact cars to SUVs, minivans, and commercial vehicles, has a hybrid version cherished and enjoyed by countless customers.

    Here is looking at you kid. ;)

    While the Prius has played a leading role in driving hybrid use, the current spread of HEVs through a wide range of models means it has reached an inflection point.

    The development team decided considered what the Prius needs to remain popular for the next 25 years. Based on a desire to renew the Prius itself and communicate the appeal of hybrid cars to an even wider audience, the “Hybrid Reborn” concept was created.

    The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century transformation, with a range of new next-generation powertrain options being developed. For the Prius Hybrid to continue as the vehicle of choice for the coming generation, the new Prius needed more than its core strength as an environmentally friendly car. Therefore, it was developed as an exhilarating package with, stylish designs that users will fall in love with at first sight and captivating driving performance.


    Following Japan, the new Prius will be launched in North America, Europe, and other countries across the Globe. It will also be offered in Japan through the KINTO car subscription service. Actual details of the service plan will be announced later this winter.

    All-new 2023, 5th gen Prius Details
    • Sporty exterior styling
    • Signature monoform silhouette of the original Prius,
    • Lower center of gravity
    • Large-diameter 19” Alloys
    • Second-generation TNGA platform

    The front hammerhead shark-like design achieves balance between functionality and styling, while the rear design offers rear combination taillights extending horizontally to the left and right, further accentuating the advanced design of the Prius.

    Interior styling that fuses "fun to drive" with "sophisticated"

    The "island architecture" concept achieves a low-stress, spacious interior with a cockpit that makes it easy to concentrate on driving. Altogether, the interior offers intuitive operation and an enjoyable driving experience.

    The interior comes with black tones throughout and coordinated instrument panel and seat stitching finishes. The interior achieves a balance between sportiness and a new sophistication.

    The instrument panel uses Toyota's first illuminated warning system. In addition to providing an ambient light that highlights the interior, this new Toyota Safety Sense-linked feature is incorporated into the styling. It alerts the driver to detected objects through flashing lights before the audible warnings to create a more reassuring driving experience.


    A total of eight body colors are available, including two newly developed solid base colors of Ash and Mustard that create a sporty impression. The sporty and sophisticated interior color coordination brings touches of color to the daily lives of customers.

    The next-generation hybrid system achieves decent efficiency with a more comfortable driving experience.

    The new Prius arrives with Toyota's first 2.0L PHEV system to deliver acceleration and quietness that are dramatically improved from the previous generation offering. The combination of a high-efficiency Dynamic Force Engine and Li-Ion batteries for high output drive achieve maximum system output of as much as 220 HP while maintaining the same level of fuel efficiency as the previous model. How about 0 to 62 mph in just 6.7 seconds vs the 10+ seconds for the current Prime?

    2023 Toyota Prius PHEV at the Ready


    In addition, its EV driving range has been increased by ~ 50% over the current model. This means that, with improved battery performance, the new Prius can operate on EV mode for far more of your daily travel needs.

    And finally, they may have the 30-minute shut down BS licked. The PHEV comes with a "My Room Mode" that lets users enjoy A/C and audio from the external power source by turning the power switch on during charging, making the interior space more comfortable while waiting for a charge to complete.

    With the PHEV, the battery pack is located under the rear seat instead of in the cargo area, giving the new Prius a lower center of gravity and increased cargo capacity. Together, these features deliver a balance between sporty driving performance and improved ease of use.


    The standard 2023 Prius employs the latest Series Parallel Hybrid System which provides vastly improved acceleration in a car that drives as expected while still maintaining the same level of efficiency as the previous model. Even on the fuel sucking 19’s! Maximum system output is 190 HP for the 2.0L I4, which is 1.6 times higher than the current model. Again, while maintaining the same efficiency and riding on Japanese spec 19’s!

    The latest E-Four system uses a high-output motor for improved uphill performance on low-friction road surfaces plus greater stability when turning.


    The second-generation TNGA platform was developed as an ongoing improvement of the original TNGA platform to achieve both modern styling and continuously improved upon driving performance.

    Additional reinforcement throughout the body has increased rigidity and improved quietness. Struts up front and a double wishbone setup at the rear provides better straight-line stability, driver demand responsiveness through corners, and easy line-tracing.

    Toyota Safety Sense 3.0

    The latest Toyota Safety Sense includes more advanced functionality and is standard on all new Prius trims.


    The new Japanese spec Prius arrives with Advanced Park (with remote function), an advanced driving support system. It enables easy automatic parking and exiting from parking spaces in a variety of parking situations, and with operation outside the car via a dedicated smartphone app, the car can also enter and exit parking spaces remotely.

    The new Prius is equipped with a Toyota Safety Sense monocular camera at the front, a rear-facing camera for the Digital Inner Mirror, and an in-vehicle drive recorder. This setup has a clean appearance without a sense of the cameras and wires being retrofitted. The data is stored on the ECU to avoid data corruption and other issues associated with SD cards and properly manage important camera data.

    Two 100 VAC/1,500 W accessory power outlets; one at the back of the center console and one in the cargo space can be ordered on the Japanese spec only Prius. Users can select the BEV external power supply mode, which uses power from the battery only without having to start the engine, or the HEV external power supply mode, which recharges the battery from the engine if the remaining power is too low. It also comes with an external electric power supply attachment as standard so that external power supply is possible with the door windows closed to prevent rain and insects from getting in the car when in use.


    The new Prius also comes with a panoramic view moonroof which can be fully opened to create a sense of freedom within the cabin. PHEV models are equipped with a second-gen solar charging system that achieves a more efficient conversion of solar energy into electricity. This generates power equivalent to driving up to 750-miles/year. Electric power generated while parked is used to charge the drive battery, with the system not only supplying electricity for driving but for air conditioning and other functions as well. Electric power generated during driving is used to supplement the auxiliary battery system.

    I cannot write about what the U.S. spec 2023, 5th gen Prius will arrive with until tomorrow night, but you can guess what is and is not included. It is going to be a hell of a new ride for those that will have one in their drive before the year ends.

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