Hyundai Continues to Support China Uncensored

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    Not sure, but my previous thread highlighting South Korea’s Hyundai advertising for China Uncensored, may have been lost in the general large block of CleanMPG threads that were accidentally deleted some time ago.

    For those people who might not know, China Uncensored tears up the vile falsehoods & underhanded shenanigans of communist china(always small letters) around the world. Specially in small, critically under-funded countries, communist china(always small letters) with money, twists their way into their politics & wrangles concessions from said countries! Hyundai advertisements for China Uncensored, which expose those insidious, but devastating actions, are presently & I hope into the future, supportive of China Uncensored.
    With better understanding than the US, S.Korea & their businesses see the threats by the wild, uncontrolled actions of communist chinese(always small letters), as they use “uncivil discourse”, as vile warring means to future suppression of the World.
    I’ve seen Hyundai on 3 occasions, suppporting China Uncensored with advertising.
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    Now in the footsteps of Hyundai’s support of China Uncensored, KIA, Nissan, & I believe, BMW have advertised on China Uncensored. It is for sure, that S.Korean & Japanese companies understand the vast threat that wild dictator communist china(always small letters) holds against the World.
    And I, tho short on money, support China Uncensored, by……watching the commercials to their ends, & not clicking away from them, when YouTube allows.
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    I just saw a Cadillac commercial advertising on China Uncensored…… & watched the whole commercial.
    PS…..A commercial by Team Logic IT, has been aired on China Uncensored. What are they. Of course, they are a Cyber Digital Information PROTECTION agency. Can protection against communist china(always small letters) be in the business portfolio? We’ll see. Already heavy advertising is occurring by SurfShark on China Uncensored.
    Just saw an ad on China Uncensored by VW. Not a lover of VW, but all the advertising for China uncensored is great. I tried to watch all their commercial, altho it was rapid fire.

    The China Uncensored episode detailed communist china(always small letters) & their efforts to turn the Solomon Islands to a dictatorship with money-backed support from communist china (always small letters).
    Hey…..GMC advertised on China Uncensored. The most prominent interest of the GMC ad was…..GMC front bumper images.
    A second ad supporting China Uncensored was a “local” ad for Suncadia, an outdoor leisure resort into eastern Washington on I-90.
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