Katie Hobbs-Kari Lake Remaining County Votes

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    If anyone can figure out which Arizona candidate is going to win, by the remaining county uncounted votes AND percentages won by each candidate UP TO YESTERDAY in those counties, have at it:

    Candidate Party Votes PercentPct.

    Katie Hobbs

    Democrat 953,783 +50.34%50.34%

    Kari Lake

    Republican 940,716 +49.66%49.66
    Total reported
    Timing of results
    Most people were expected to vote early — by mail, in-person or by drop box. Those ballots require the verification of voters’ signatures, and officials said the timing of results would depend on how many people returned their ballots at the last minute on Election Day.

    Results by county
    Results by county
    County Margin Votes Percent of votes in% In
    Hobbs +4 1,123,062 73%
    Pima Hobbs +19 272,508 63%
    Pinal Lake +16 114,968 82%
    Yavapai Lake +26 101,312 85%
    Mohave Lake +49 70,846 85%
    Coconino Hobbs +25 40,242 73%
    Yuma Lake +15 37,318 80%
    Cochise Lake +19 35,499 77%
    Navajo Lake +9 32,755 83%
    Apache Hobbs +35 18,862 80%
    Gila Lake +28 18,856 84%
    Graham Lake +43 10,743 >95%
    Santa Cruz Hobbs +33 10,732 87%
    La Paz Lake +38 4,649 70%
    Greenlee Lake +23 2,147 83%
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    Two more separate, but small batches of votes were released & Hobbs-Lake election widened very very slightly:
    PS…..Some more batches(small?) of votes came in:
    Steve Kornacki of MSNBC, states that Mark Kelley MAY be able to maintain his lead for Arizona Senate IF future uncounted ballots lean heavily republican, but Katie Hobbs may NOT maintain her much slimmer lead over Kari Lake if those ballots lean heavily republican.
    New batch of votes, 5PM, PST on 11-11-22:
    Next batches of votes, weighted toward democrats, 5:45PM,PST on 11-11-22:
    New votes, weighted toward democrats, 3:45PM, PST on 11-12-22:
    Funny, the newscasts round the percentages to 0.1% & show Hobbs ahead of Lake by only 0.4%. However, my round-off percentages to 0.01%, show Hobbs ahead of Lake by a 25% greater number or 0.5%
    New votes, narrowing the gap, 5:30PM, PST on 11-13-22:
    4:10PM, PST, 11-14-22:
    Lake————-1,244,850—- 49.59%
    MSNBC projects that Katie Hobbs wins the governorship of Arizona, altho some ballots are still outstanding.
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    Hi Litesong:

    I have been crossing the country back to California the past 3 days - again, but have been following the AZ elections closely. Kelley was announced the winner last night. The Congressional race should be decided by this afternoon or tonight hopefully?

    I am not a fan of the election denier and radical Lake by any means.

    Michigan was the great story imho. Everyone of the Big Lie election deniers were defeated and the state reps, senate, and admin wete picked up by Dems. All of that Gerrymandering BS should be put to rest now.

    How did almost 50% of the Georgia voting citizens vote for Walker? He lies about everything???

    With the Senate possibly decided in favor of the Dems, the GA runoff will prove to be very interesting in early December.

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    Large blocks of people are still fighting the Civil War. “don’T rump” tried to turn a “democratic” US into a dictatorship. To support “don’T rump”, voting for a “black feller Uncle Tom” sounds like a good strategy. H. Walker, who mouth’s the words his handlers put in his speeches, uses his “Uncle Tom”-ness as normal, to betray his people.

    PS…….With the win by CC Masto for the Nevada Senate seat, democrats now control the Senate. Ha haaaa! In my Washington state, which is over-all democratic, some of our House districts are republican. Even one of those districts went democratic! The “red wave” which was toted only by re-pubic-lick-uns, not only was blunted, but was evaporated. The extremely large majority of re-pubic-lick-un candidates campaigning as 2020 US Presidential deniers, have lost their elections. US Democracy has had its largest boost & powered through the years of “don’T rump” & re-pubic-lick-un propaganda. It is noted that President Joseph Biden is placing many new federal judges into positions at a greater rate than “don’T rump” was able to insert republican-biased judges, in his first 2 years in office.
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    Wonderful rebellion against re-pubic-lick-uns in Michigan. However, re-pubic-lick-un gerrymandering is alive & well in nearby Wisconsin. Fifty one percent of ballots cast in Wisconsin were from democrats. However, gerrymandering is so violent in Wisconsin, that democrats only won 30 percent of the seats.

    How judges allow such undemocratic actions is beyond me, unless the judges themselves, are savage re-pubic-lick-uns.
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    More…..un-democracy going around in the US & Israel. Re-pubic-lick-uns in Alabama still fight the Civil War & won’t adhere to the US Supreme Court ruling to re-align their districts to faithfully represent minority rights in Alabama.
    & now, Nettles-Yahoo, cowboy president of Israel is eliminating the power of the judiciary.

    Shame on democracies, that dictators can so easily eliminate democracies. It’s happened many times, through-out the World. If “don’T rump” gets the next presidency, he plans on eliminating democracy in the US, by designating judges as public employees & he will order them to do his will.
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