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    3-16-24, 6:15AM......Not a big Taylor Swift fan. One reason was she used her boyfriend break-ups to demean ex's. But finally, I did watch her big Tour presented by Disney on the 43" ONN TV. I even set the TV to the zoom setting, which is like looking at the central part of a 50" TV. I must have started watching just before 2AM, & the show continued beyond 5AM in the morning, because I repeated in places. No slop, beginning to end. & from the beginning she developed a sweat & 3 hours later her, the band & dancers were continuous powerhouses of precision, snappiness & musicality. She had superb cameras, camera work, & optically dazzling sets, with the best sound equipment & management. Unending costume changes were matched by the cleverest methods of shifting themes, & avenues. Her fans adore her & she can be overwhelmed by the love. But at no time do her emotions rule, hurting her performances. Yes, I was entertained for a full 3+ hours.

    I'll try to see more Taylor videos & concerts. So far, I haven't seen any before 2019.

    PS....Supposed to get to 70+degF, so the walk to the church breakfast will be nice.
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    PS, 3-17-24:, 11:20AM....Having some Progresso Split Pea Soup for early lunch. Added some Tabasco sauce, which saved the Progresso.
    Also, eating quite a bit of peanut butter, trying to find protein replacements for meats, the doctor told me I can't have anymore. Even have "nut-butter", which is substitute for peanut butter, made only from "real" nuts. Costco "Kirkland" brand has a "nut-butter", that the only ingredients ARE just the ground-up nuts & nothing else. Its very good.
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    Ah, yesterday on the 43inch ONN, I watched the Seattle Mariners come from behind to win a regular season game from the Boston Red Sox! & what a way to win! Mariner shortstop J.P. Crawford hit a homerun to start the scoring. But, Red Sox came back, eventually having a 5-4 run lead going into the bottom of the ninth inning. The Mariners got runners on base & one got over to 3rd base. Julio Rodriguez then lined a hard sinking single into the outfield. & the fairly fast rookie on 3rd base was able to score. Rodriguez, star in the making, now in his 3rd year, got his first ever walk-off hit to win the game.
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    We're into April now. I think one of the four yearly Grand Slam events comes up in latter May for the 43" ONN TV to show. I'll have to get all prepared for it. Maybe we can get better results than the 2024 Australian Grand Slam gave.
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