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    Gas may be plentiful, but to me in our Northwest, gas is not cheap. With the manual Elantra I was going to fill up at Costco for $3.859 (down from a week ago). But, I misplaced my Costco card. Going to one of my backup stations, I got it for $3.499. Still not cheap, but I saved $4+. Yeah, I can use the $4 very nicely.
    After I gassed up, it was dark. Never liked driving in the dark much. No mountains, valleys, rivers or seas to see. But driving the manual Elantra was nice in the dark. The lights, not the super bright searing, blinding blue-white lights, as they come at you, but the Elantra lights are OK, specially at my poke-along speeds. Avoiding the freeway backup, I took Highway 9 home. Tho fairly busy traffic, the stoplights were pretty generous to us in the south bound lane & later in the multiple lanes. & of course, the manual shifter & 4 disk brakes made for positive & accurate responses, when razzle-dazzlers had to make their ways forward in the traffic. Yes, no nerves were jangled, & no spirits were depressed, & home was reached with all due comfort.
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    Whoa! Nothin’ about driving in this post. Just raised the Venetian blinds in the computer room. There is a sweet red-streaked cloud sunrise! AND there is a beautiful thin crescent moon higher in the sky, accompanying the sunrise! Just wonderful! I got to get to the window & look at it for a while. Bye.
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  3. BillLin

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    Thanks, CleanMPGers! (US holiday)

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    Yes, after the outside parked Hyundai Accent thaws in the sun a bit, I’ll take a drive with binoculars to see how the animals are celebrating Thanksgiving Day! Hope I’ll see some good action. Anyhow, I started my Thanksgiving Day breakfast by eating……pumpkin pie!

    Was looking at an ABC Thanksgiving Day parade……..but they truncated the actual picture strongly, so they could surround the image with still holiday decorations. I immediately found another parade that was full screen on NBC. It was much better with more impact. If TVs are getting increasingly bigger, there is no reason to make images smaller for the sake of “artistic freedom”.

    PS……Got some good views with the PennCrest 7-15x35mm zoom binoculars. Was some Common Merganzers & other ducks on the river looking for their Thanksgiving dinners. A Bald Eagle flew off, just as I got him in the binoculars. Some good fog pictures as the sun streamed down thru the trees. Met some fishermen who were trying to catch a Thanksgiving Day fish, instead of the usual store-bought Turkey. Over at another site, Trumpeter Swans were taking their ease out in the open fields. Once in a while, one to 6 Trumpeters came to join the other Swans. Got some excellent views as they swept low over my head.
    Lots of airliners were in the air, traveling on Thanksgiving Day. I saw 4 airliners, all in the same 15 power view.
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  5. BillLin

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    I had chocolate pie for breakfast. :D
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    Chocolate pie! Oh that must have been good. Ya got me going. So I had more pumpkin pie…..with ice cream! & now we’re watching the Westminister Dog Show. So many spectacular dogs. It’s so strange all the new dog breeds.

    Oh, watching the Wizard of OZ now. Oh, Boy!
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  7. Gord

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    Catch-up time again!


    Back home, 48°F:
    20.0 miles - 199 Wh/mi or 5.0 Mi/kW

    To the retail park free charger on the way to work, 46°F:
    12.4 miles - 230 Wh/mi or 4.3 Mi/kW
    26.18 miles added in 51".
    Charger to work, 47°F:
    8.5 miles - 176 Wh/mi or 5.7 Mi/kWh
    Back home, 52°F:
    20.0 miles - 187 Wh/mi or 5.3 Mi/kW
    To charity shop and back, 49°F:
    1.7 miles - 283 Wh/mi or 3.5 Mi/kWh
    1.8 miles - 283 Wh/mi or 3.5 Mi/kWh
    Home charge:
    98.24 miles added in 3'00".

    To mother-in-law's house:
    3.2 miles - 157 Wh/mi or 6.4 Mi/kW
    26.75 miles added in 1'56".
    Short trip to charity shop to drop a load of donations off then home, 49°F:
    0.7 miles - 356 Wh/mi or 2.8 Mi/kW
    3.0 miles - 252 Wh/mi or 4.0 Mi/kW

    To work on a Sunday to finish the IT upgrade ready for Monday, 43°F:
    19.2 miles - 187 Wh/mi or 5.3 Mi/kW
    0.1 miles (moved car)
    Back home many hours later!!, 44°F, it went well:
    20.1 miles - 187 Wh/mi or 5.3 Mi/kW

    To the retail park charger on the way to work, shorter charge as needed to get to work 1/2 hour earlier than normal, 37°F:
    12.4 miles - 230 Wh/mi or 4.3 Mi/kW
    14.85 miles added in 28".
    Charger to work, 37°F:
    8.5 miles - 176 Wh/mi or 5.7 Mi/kWh
    Back home, 43°F:
    19.6 miles - 187 Wh/mi or 5.3 Mi/kW

    I will catch up some more at some point - going to holiday home this afternoon after a visit to the pub for lunch and taking the wife’s Hyundai i10 for it’s annual roadworthiness test (MOT).
  8. litesong

    litesong litesong

    FREE charge noted!

    With 357,000 wonderfully excellent miles on our 3 Hyundai cars, I bet your wife’s Hyundai i10 is really roadworthy, too!
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  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Went to Detroit to visit Jackie for two days.
    Not actually Detroit , but Bloomfield Hills MI , which is
    a LOT nicer. We had a very good visit. Home late Friday night.
    round trip was 637.3 miles , fcd = 57.8 x .943 = 54.5 MPG.
    My target speed was 60 MPH , with some "free" speed/MPG on downhills,
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  10. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Edwin……you say that Chicago area doesn’t get as much Lake Affect snow as places further east. Does Detroit area get more Lake Affect snow?
    Heard an early season weather report for Washington state, that some mountain areas are getting about 30% more snow than normal, while other areas are getting only about 10% more snow than average.
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