Month of November 2022 Nat’l Avg $3.758)

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  1. Gord

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    Welcome to the grind :D

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  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Thanks , Gord.

    Today , 42 deg F in Naperville , 45 in Elk Grove.
    Wind W 4
    33.2 miles , fcd = 63.1 x .943 = 59.5 MPG.
    Odometer passed 144,000 Sunday.
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  3. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Thanks to Gord for the new November updates.
    From the latter October 2022 thread:
    Yesterday, litesong said:
    …..I was curious about the low dark clouds toward the western Cascade mountains, so I headed that direction…… I got about 1/4 mile from the mountain, & the windshield needed the full fast wiper action! At this point, the road turned away from the mountain & within 30 seconds, I had to reset to the regular continuous setting. Within a minute I cut back the wiper action to the 3rd high setting of the intermittent wipers…..
    Now, litesong said:
    Today, the western Washington state roads are wet, the clouds are 100%, but there is no rain! Conversely, a section in eastern Washington that only gets 10 to 15 inches of rain per year, IS HAVING a rain storm! Suppposed to keep raining there to 4PM this afternoon & may get 2/3rds of an inch of rain. I’ll try to see how much of their yearly rainfall they get today.

    PS….It appears that a major weather system is rain (snow at high elevations) & spread all the way from Northern California & even San Francisco, thru mid-Oregon, to eastern Washington & Spokane in far eastern Washington, & continuing to Calgary, Canada.

    PS 1……About 0.7 inches of rain did fall in that desert eastern Washington area today, accounting for 5+% of the yearly rainfall.
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  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Yesterday going home was okay. Temperature mid 50's.
    almost the shortest possible route , 32.1 miles.
    fcd = 70.5. The last time I had a 70 trip was probably early October.

    Today , 43 deg F in Naperville and Elk Grove.
    Wind SSW 2
    33.2 miles, fcd = 62.7 x .943 = 59.1 MPG.
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  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 52 deg F in Naperville, 54 in Elk Grove.
    Wind S 8
    33.2 miles , fcd = 63.4 x .943 = 59.8 MPG.
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  6. litesong

    litesong litesong

    One(?) week ago!
    . PS….Anyhow, the Skykomish Bolt Creek fire is plumb DEAD OUT!!! YIPPEE! LET IT RAIN, LET IT rain, let it rain! Within a few miles of where I was driving, there had been small wildfires.
    Well… wary of what you ask for! Now, they are predicting with our rain in the next few days………..we may have flooding coming! Now, I gotta hope for no or minor flooding! Ya jes ken’t win!

    PS…..Snow is thinking about coming down at our low 3000 foot Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascade Mtns. AND over in eastern Washington at 2600+ foot Waterville, WA, there IS SNOW!
    Near Union Town, Washington, under 2600 feet, there is a little snow.

    PS 1……Now I see snow on a DOT camera at Winthrop, WA. under 1700 feet. Things are chillin’. :confused:

    PS II…… At Skykomish(1200feet), where 2+ weeks ago, the Bolt Creek was still burning, the weather report states that snow is falling. So far I can’t see snow on the dim DOT camera.
    PS III…..In early morning of 11-4-22 at Skykomish, I can see about 1 or 2 inches of snow on the DOT camera.
    PS IV……11-5-22:
    Now predictions are we might get some western Washington lowland snow! Good thing I put them snow tires on the Hyundai Accent.
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  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 61 deg F in Naperville , 63 in Elk Grove.
    Wind S 13 !
    35.1 miles ( there was a train ,so I took old Eola Rd route instead of Rte 59 )
    fcd = 66.2 x .943 = 62.4 MPG.

    Filled up at Exxon in Elk Grove.
    574.9 miles ,9.753 gal ( extra click )
    fcd = 63.7 x .943 = 60.1 MPG.
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  8. litesong

    litesong litesong

    The rivers were up, but just minor farm field flooding occurred. However, strong winds last night brought down 2 trees & powerlines, that affected our travels on 2 separate roads. Other trees fell, but I didn’t hear if homes or other structures were damaged.
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  9. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Steady rain, but it quit late this morning. I took a drive in the Accent with the 1.9 inch (8+?%) over-sized studded snows. The snows really gobble up the deeper bumps. An indicated 60MPH is really 63(+?)MPH. The lower engine & tire rpms really lets the Accent engine rest & give less car vibrations at highway speeds. Of course, they are snow tires & not as quiet or smooth as over-sized regular tires are. But, FREE is FREE. The snow level was down around 1000 feet. Maybe, there will be some snow for the tires to play in.
    The rivers were down some from yesterday. Tho somewhat windy, the gusts were less than yesterday.

    PS……As for the wind yesterday, some people were injured & numerous homes were damaged by falling trees. All power to thousands of people will take a total of 4 days to restore.
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  10. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 40 deg F in Naperville , 42 in Elk Grove.
    Wind W 7
    33.2 miles , fcd = 61.7 x .943 = 58.2 MPG.
    Saturday drove about 150 miles. at about 63 fcd.
    Sunday did not drive.
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  11. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Went for a drive to the river this morning. At one point, a small group of Canadian geese circled around me, then nearly overhead. The 20 power Pentax binoculars gave wonderful views of them. At another spot near the river, strong flocks of Trumpeter Swans were a spectacular order of the day. The oppositely-sized tiny Bushtits also took turns in binocular views.

    For tomorrow, predictions are for increasing cold wind & possibly a bit of snow, coming from the Canadian Fraser River canyon that conducts Arctic cold to the Salish Sea (Puget Sound). Too early for snow now. That gives 3+ possible months of more snow this winter. I always liked it when the snow occurred in mid to latter February. Meant after that, there wasn’t much time for more snow. Anyhow, looks like the snow tires will get a workout.
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  12. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 42 deg F in Naperville , 43 in Elk Grove.
    Wind E 7
    33.2 miles, fcd =57.2 x .943 = 53.9 MPG.

    It will be better tonight.
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  13. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Now the prediction for the next few days, is coldest temperatures around Everett, Wa will be just above freezing & clear without any precipitation (snow). We don’t have to worry about weather going to the polls here in Washington state, since we vote by ballot.
    I’ll let it warm some more & then take a drive & see if any more Trumpeter Swans are in the area. The really sharp 20 power Pentax binoculars worked well yesterday, despite their narrow field of view(FOV). I’ll take another 20 power binocular with double the FOV, but its image is inferior to the Pentax. I discovered tho, that tracking flying birds at 20 power with that super wide angle is sweet.

    PS….Just got back from Trumpeter Watching. Fantastic! Had a warm vest over a shirt & fleece pull-over & nice wool fingerless gloves so I could work the 20 power binoculars. Weren’t too many birds…..BUT!
    I tracked a pair of flying Trumpeters on the other side of some trees. Normally with lower power binoculars, trees get in the way. But 20 power binoculars let you focus on the birds, while foreground trees are blurry. The sharpness of the birds make them stand out away from intervening blurry trees. So I tracked them well & finally they flew from behind the trees into the open. Very nice. Then, something I’ve never seen before. In the same image of the flying Swans, a Bald Eagle crossed in front of them, moving in the other direction. With the wide angle binocular, enough seconds passed, that i was able to really appreciate the chance gathering of birds. Then, both sets of birds were gone (as Dorothy would say, “People(birds) come & go so quickly here”).
    I lowered the binoculars, awed by my view. Less than 20 seconds passed & I lifted the binoculars to see what else might be seen. Viewing the river for only seconds, a Blue Heron popped into the FOV, as it took off from the river bank. Whoa! Despite the cold, I just had a hot time of viewing!
    Traveling to another river area (yeah, we got plenty of rivers in Washington), maybe 50 to 100 Trumpeters were on hand to greet me. The wide angle 20power binoculars, braced on the parked car really worked. The 20 power really brings the Trumpeters close, altho the nearest were 150-200 yards away. A related aspect of such strong magnification, even at a distance of one quarter to one third miles away, a sense of intimacy occurs. Such a sense is strongest while resting on top of the car or on a tripod. However, I have also noted the phenomenon even while shakily handholding 20 power binoculars. Strongly trying to stop the shaking, sometimes there is a tenth of a second of steady seeing. The reward is a brief glimpse of details, as if something is snapped into focus. If I am ready for the brief glimpse, my brain works to hold on to the image & something that is distant, clarifies & I gain a sense of “belonging” to that image. At times it “feels” like I am flying with the birds.

    Anyhow, tho few, numbers of Trumpeters were taking off, landing, cruising around the fields, &/or even circling around & over me (never got pooped on). My binoculars were pointing in lots of different directions. Also noted about 1 mile away in the far fields, I saw about 100 to 200 scattered Trumpeters. While viewing 3 or 4 flying birds to the north a quarter mile away, about 2 miles behind them I saw a stream of hundreds of flying Trumpeters approaching. As they neared, the streaming Trumpeters were roughly 800 to 1000 feet high, judging from the 1300 to 1400 foot high hills to the east of us. They had no intention of joining the few Trumpeters on the ground, but were beating their wings moving at 40MPH (maybe 50MPH, if they had a following wind). I followed them through the sky with the 20 power binoculars for 15 minutes. As they receded into the southern distance, I could still faintly see them as they disappeared over 80 foot tree tops not quite(?) 2 miles away. From the time I first saw them to the time they disappeared, they probably traveled 12-13 miles, maybe 80% the distance between 3 towns.

    it was a great time with the binoculars. It was a greater time being with the Trumpeters, the high flying ones, most of all.
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  14. litesong

    litesong litesong

    11-8-22, litesong wrote:
    Now the prediction for the next few days, is coldest temperatures around Everett, Wa will be just above freezing & clear without any precipitation (snow)….
    Today, litesong wrote:
    Everett is 32degF this morning. However, many areas away from the Salish Sea(Puget Sound) 54-55degF water temperatures, have lower temperatures of 28degF or lower. Tho still cloudy, we’ll see if accompanying fog will leave in the bottomlands, so we can actually get the sunny weather & temperatures up to 44degF by 2PM that are predicted. Sometimes fog hangs on all day long. Maybe I can drive & see any Trumpeter Swans that are around.
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  15. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Whoa! The fog is disappearing. On the road soon!

    PS……Took the drive & saw Trumpeters, but many fewer than yesterday AND more distantly. No Trumpeters crossed the high sky heading south. But, a flock of Snow Geese crossed over. Funny, they were heading north! Long ago, I stopped wondering why birds go north during increasing cold. To me, 1500 miles south is preferable during Winter.
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  16. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    To free charger, 51°F:
    2.8 miles - 142 Wh/mi or 7.0 Mi/kWh
    35.71 miles added in 42".
    Charger to work, 50°F:
    19.2 miles - 228 Wh/mi or 4.4 Mi/kWh
    Back home, hilly detour #8, 56°F:
    22.2 miles - 215 Wh/mi or 4.7 Mi/kW
    To mother-in-law's house to fetch some stuff:
    3.2 miles - 189 Wh/mi or 5.3 Mi/kW
    3.3 miles - 298 Wh/mi or 3.4 Mi/kW

    To mother-in-law's house again:
    3.1 miles - 159 Wh/mi or 6.3 Mi/kW
    To free charger, 53°F:
    1.8 miles - 169 Wh/mi or 5.9 Mi/kWh
    32.38 miles added in 38".
    2.8 miles - 247 Wh/mi or 4.0 Mi/kW

    To free charger on the way to work, 51°F:
    2.8 miles - 147 Wh/mi or 6.8 Mi/kWh
    32.85 miles added in 42".
    Charger to work, 47°F:
    19.2 miles - 197 Wh/mi or 5.1 Mi/kWh
    Back home via a visit to mum, 51°F:
    19.0 miles - 199 Wh/mi or 5.0 Mi/kW
    2.4 miles - 231 Wh/mi or 4.3 Mi/kW

    To free charger on the way to work, 41°F:
    2.8 miles - 221 Wh/mi or 4.5 Mi/kWh
    41.60 miles added in 49".
    Charger to work, 41°F:
    19.2 miles - 220 Wh/mi or 4.5 Mi/kWh
    Back home, 52°F:
    19.9 miles - 206 Wh/mi or 4.9 Mi/kW
    Needed to do a couple of trips over the weekend with no opportunities for free charging:
    Home charge, 68.45 miles added in 2'05"

    To a garden center and back, 50°F:
    9.0 miles - 166 Wh/mi or 6.0 Mi/kWh
    9.0 miles - 326 Wh/mi or 3.1 Mi/kWh

    To Clumber Park (National Trust) to walk the dogs and a bit of nature, 50°F:
    6.9 miles - 216 Wh/mi or 4.6 Mi/kW
    6.7 miles - 205 Wh/mi or 4.9 Mi/kW

    To free charger on the way to work, 41°F:
    2.8 miles - 177 Wh/mi or 5.6 Mi/kWh
    40.45 miles added in 48".
    Charger to work, 41°F:
    19.2 miles - 207 Wh/mi or 4.8 Mi/kWh
    Back home, finally the long term roadworks are finished so gave the longer but quicker motorway a try, 52°F:
    21.4 miles - 192 Wh/mi or 5.2 Mi/kW

    To free charger on the way to work, 41°F:
    2.8 miles - 221 Wh/mi or 4.5 Mi/kWh
    42.26 miles added in 50".
    Charger to work, 41°F:
    19.6 miles - 220 Wh/mi or 4.5 Mi/kWh
    Back home, longer but quicker motorway route again, 52°F:
    21.4 miles - 198 Wh/mi or 5.1 Mi/kW

    To free charger on the way to work, 41°F:
    2.8 miles - 178 Wh/mi or 5.6 Mi/kWh
    39.31 miles added in 46".
    Charger to work, 41°F:
    19.2 miles - 207 Wh/mi or 4.8 Mi/kWh
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  17. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Ya know Gord. I get more of a KICK out of you charging for FREE, than you do! :);):D
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  18. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 58 deg F in Naperville , 61 in Elk Grove.
    Wind S 10
    33.2 miles , fcd = 66.4 x .943 = 62.6 MPG.
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  19. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Almost Indian summer.. our temps reached the low 70s a couple of days ago. Back to cold temps two nights ago.
  20. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    When I was in Detroit on Oct 22-23 it really seemed like it.
    I think we're having our 2nd Native American summer now.
    70 deg yesterday.
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