Hot Deal: Michelin Guardian Hybrid Wiper Blades - $6.99 at Costco!

Discussion in 'Automotive Hot Deals' started by xcel, Oct 28, 2022.

  1. xcel

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    There has not been a true Hot Deal in the Automotive segment since the middle of the pandemic. Since then, everyone has jacked up prices way beyond raw material increases which themselves have in many cases fallen to Pre-pandemic levels. While I am now seeing some minor below MSRP discounts on Prius' and pickups/SUVs, the dealerships are still in control so hold onto your $s and wait a few more months if possible.

    While walking through Costco in Brentwood, TN this afternoon, I saw and picked up a 16" (passenger side) and 28" (driver side) Michelin Guardian Hybrid Wiper blades for just $6.99, $3.00 off the retail of $9.99. 10-minutes after pulling the OEM blades, the new Guardian's were in there place.


    Michelin Premium Hybrid blades combine the windshield hugging of a conventional spring-loaded blade with the anti-snow build-up feature of a beam blade for superior streak and noise free wiping in rain, ice and snow. Michelin hybrid blades feature our exclusive Fit-Right Design that adjusts wiper blade contact pressure across the curvature of the windshield to deliver outstanding windshield wiping performance.


    See clearly, drive safely with the MICHELIN Guardian Hybrid Wiper Blade. The MICHELIN Guardian Wiper blade is built tough for durable wiping performance in ALL weather! The unique patented design with Fit-Right Design adapts to the curvature of your windshield for superior wipe performance. The EZ Lok connector system allows for installation in minutes.
    1. Advanced Hybrid Blade Technology - Combines the aerodynamic, clog free design of a beam blade with the optimal windshield wipe contact of a traditional blade giving you the optimal windshield contact for better wipe performance

    2. Fit-Right Design - Adjusts the wiper contact to match the curve of your windshield for better wipes and improved vision

    3. Built Tough - Better all season design for during wiping performance in all weather-heavy rain, ice, sleet and snow

    4. EZ Lok Connector System - For quick and easy replacement in minutes

    5. Durable Cover - Provides maximum flexibility and protects wiper mechanism from clogging with snow, ice or debris

    6. Advanced Wiper Rubber - Designed for long life with streak free, quiet wipes!
    I have not used them other than one sweep of the windscreen after washing the Prime so an assessment is not in the cards.
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  2. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Six to 8 years ago, I picked up $100 worth of DuPont wiper blades for $33. They have worn so well, I still have plenty of them.
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  3. Trollbait

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    Wasn't impressed enough with these wiper blades to stick with them.

    These days, I usually try my luck with what Ollie's has in stock. Use to just replace the blade insert instead of the entire blade, and the Subaru manual has instructions for doing so, but I haven't seen those in a store for years.
  4. xcel

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    Hi Trollbait:

    I received this reply on FB.

    Brad Horton:
    Too bad as the best I could find these online was for $8.

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  5. RedylC94

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    Yeah, I think I paid about $3.50 for blades at Ollie's, NOT during one of their 15%-off-everything sales.

    The rubber inserts typically sold at the same price per pair as single whole blades of the same brand. Having to buy an entire new blade every time the rubber gives out nowadays is annoying waste. I bought relatively expensive OE (2011 type) Toyota inserts on-line, only to discover I can not use them because they aren't compatible with the newer Toyota blades the dealer installed or with recent blades of other brands.
  6. Trollbait

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    See there are universal, cut to fit inserts on Amazon.

    The only wipers I see fit to 'buy' again were the Valeo OEM ones that came on the 2013 Sonic.
  7. xcel

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    Hi All:

    I have about 1,500 miles on the Prius Prime with the new Michelin Hybrid blades on them since installation last Thursday afternoon. Maybe 600 of those miles were driven in drizzle and rain. The first 15 to 20-minutes showed a high level of streaking at the passenger sides furthest stroke across the drivers side windscreen. Once that period was over, they worked as expected. A solid "Hot Deal" after all. ;)

  8. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    With over 50k miles since I purchased them, I agree with most of you that have tried them. They kind of suck. Best bet, maybe the OEM wiper swap out?

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