Ford Breaks Ground on Its Own Gigafactory

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    [​IMG] BlueOval City in Stanton, TN will be the future home of all-new electric truck and advanced batteries.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Sept. 23, 2022


    Ford has broken ground on its BlueOval City, its largest, most advanced auto production complex in the company’s 119-year history.

    Structural steel is being erected less than one year after Ford and SK after announcing their $5.6 billion investment to build a revolutionary all-new electric truck and advanced batteries for future Ford and Lincoln vehicles in West Tennessee. The nearly 6-square-mile mega campus will create approximately 6,000 new jobs when production begins in 2025.

    This facility is the blueprint for Ford’s future manufacturing facilities and will enable Ford to help lead America’s shift to electric vehicles.

    With construction underway at BlueOval City, Ford gets closer to its target of a 2 million EV production run rate globally by late 2026. That is a hell of a bet to sell millions of very expensive automobiles.

    Ford is working with the University of Tennessee to restore the stream waters flowing through the University’s Lone Oaks Farm and to expand STEM education to Tennessee students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

    BlueOval City construction crews have moved more than 4.6 million cubic yards of soil, laid more than 370,000 tons of stone and installed more than 4,600 deep foundations.

    Wait until you see the future midsized pickup EV scheduled to eventually be built in this very factory. ;)
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