Skykomish Bolt Creek Forest Fire

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    Clouds are evenly lighted & low here, even in the valleys. Up toward Skykomish, it looks like they must be fogged(?) in. But, checking the forecast for Highway 2 around Skykomish, rain is still not predicted, so the fire continues. At this time, the Bolt Creek fire is 12,000+ acres(about 4.3 miles by 4.3 miles).

    PS…..Tomorrow & later in early October, parts of our western Washington state are predicted to go into the 80’s.
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    Over 2 weeks since last post, the Skykomish Bolt Creek continues now to 14,000 acres, along with many other fires on the West Coast of the US. The Bolt Creek fire with light winds, may be moving gradually north into the Wild Sky wilderness area. Also continuing is the lack of rain, & now increasing dry deciduous biomass from falling leaves & soil dryness. One other fire, Loch Katrina, 20 miles east of Carnation, Washington has been burning since September, but much smaller than Bolt Creek. The mayor of Duvall, Washington, surrounded by woodlands, now considers his town & extended communities vulnerable to fire. Of course, the huge amounts of western Washington biomass threatens many score other towns. Pollution levels over much of the Salish Sea(Puget Sound) region have risen, way into unhealthy & very unhealthy levels. Not only are particularly sensitive children & adult populations at threat, general health problems for any citizen can be expected. The lack of rain AND wind keeps smoke particles in the local area, the local area now defined as all of Northwestern US. Of course, fires in eastern Washington & other states continues amok.
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    Today, I went for a drive. The fire air pollution was so bad, I returned home quickly. The entire eastern Salish Sea (Puget Sound) is facing the western front of the Cascade Mountains, which are buried in some unhealthy but mostly VERY unhealthy air. A few pollution points are quadruple the level of unhealthy air. I think, people, instead of going on their normal walks around the neighborhood, are staying at home. The fire smoke is oppressive, & I clear my throat quite a bit & cough once in a while. Supposedly, we will have substantial rain on Friday. Till then, this air is deadly.
    The Bolt Creek fire has grown to nearly 15,000 acres. The Loch Katrina fire is now about 2000 acres.
    Truly bad deadly air extends from BC, Canada to mid-Oregon onto California.

    The other day, watching our Seattle Mariners playing their last game in their play-offs, the long centerfield camera viewing the pitcher, batter, catcher & umpire showed the fire smoke in the air. If the Mariners were playing today in Seattle, the polluted air would have been much worse.
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    The terrain is so steep & smokey, you MIGHT be able to put firefighters on a slope, but you ain’t gonna recover them. & if a wind did come up, you’ll have burned up firefighters. Again, the terrain is so steep,rugged,& smokey, you can’t get airplanes to accurately fight the fire without severe percentage of piling a fire-fighting plane into pinnacles & outcrops. In all the smoke, your turbo-prop engines wouldn’t last very long, either.

    PS…..Was on highway 2, but still outside of the mountains, when a bit of rain started coming down. I was really happy. However, I drove another mile & the rain stopped. Oh, well. Supposed to be a good rain coming tomorrow. o_O:oops:
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    The rain is HERE! Couldn’t see the mountains yesterday, due to the smoke. Can’t see the mountains now, due the rain & clouds. Alright-EE!! Rain should have already put the fires out!
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    This thread has come to an end. Let’s see if Wayne’s accidental deletions have effected some of these threads.

    PS……Well…it appears this thread is still around. How about some of the other threads?
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    Hi Litesong:

    I have no idea what was deleted. There were simply to many to count. I have a forum page image from Google showing each forums post counts and replys but that is all. :(


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