Elantra N, Racers Love It

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    Was watching a number of YouTube videos, comparing “economy” but “race worthy” 2022 cars. Tested were Honda Civic, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen GTi, & Elantra N. Most of the “testers” knew a lot about cars AND talking. Maybe some earned a living racing, but I don’t know. They liked to say how Hyundai didn’t have much race heritage. Hyundai may have helped its sister company KIA, develop the Stinger.

    Finally, they took the cars out on the race course. Sometimes the Elantra had some off-the-line difficulties, but once going, it sometimes was able to gain on the other cars, even overtaking some of them. Maybe driver unfamiliarity with the Elantra N burdened it unnecessarily. Maybe, all the cars could have used some ethanol-free 100% gasoline, but I don’t know. At the end, a good percentage (a majority?) of drivers selected the Elantra N, sometimes with its 6-speed manual clutch(surprisingly the Elantra N had it), sometimes with the Dual Clutch transmission. All the cars were in the mid-30K money bracket.

    It would be fun to take the Elantra N into the mountains. They made a $35K Elantra N sound like a deal. But, $22,000 more than our sub-$13,000, manual 6 speed 2016 Elantra…….no. First, I’d have to get rid of the 19 inch wheels with 35 aspect, pothole attracting, racing tires, for some 17 inch wheels with 55 aspect tires……used tires only…..of course. Bet those Elantra N wheel wells would take 235x60x17 inch wheels & tires, too. Second, our 2013 auto & 2016 manual Elantras suit our needs, just dandy.
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    In comparison to the Elantra N above, I took our 2016 manual Elantra for a nice drive today. Generally on the valley roads, with a few country stop signs, & trimming the stoplights & stop signs on the edge of one town & twice, a bit of the busy highway, the manual Elantra was reading 51+MPG on the Guess-o-meter at one point. Man, the manual Elantra with the oversized Mazama tires is sweet. No racing, no hard accelerating, & no razzle dazzle interfered with my very pleasant country drive.
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    Seems like Hyundai is playing with the Horsepower numbers. They first listed the Elantra N as producing 276 HP at the crank. Now, there are reports that Elantra N produces 276HP at the wheels. There is a button to boost that power too. Maybe Hyundai is just trying to generate comversation.
    The 2022 Elantra N hood is considerably longer than our 2013 & 2016 Elantra hoods.
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    I was curious...

    One real world measurement.

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