Ford: The Largest Renewable Energy Purchase from a Utility in U.S. History Is Being Rolled Out

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    [​IMG] An additional 650 MWs of Solar will be added to supply Ford with renewable production capability.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Aug. 10, 2022


    Through a new clean energy agreement with DTE Energy, Ford will soon be able to attribute ALL OF ITS ELECTRICITY SUPPLY in Michigan to clean energy, a major step toward Ford’s goal to reach carbon neutrality. As part of the new agreement announced today, DTE will add 650 MWs of new solar energy capacity in Michigan for Ford by 2025. The purchase is a strategic investment in Michigan through DTE’s MIGreenPower program and is the largest renewable energy purchase ever made in the U.S. from a utility. According to data collected by the Solar Energy Industries Association, once installed, the arrays will increase the total amount of installed solar energy in Michigan by nearly 70%!!!

    Since 2009, DTE’s investments in renewable energy have created more than 4,000 Michigan jobs. DTE estimates that the construction of the solar arrays will create 250 temporary jobs and 10 permanent jobs. Local communities that host DTE’s renewable energy projects also benefit from the additional tax revenue these projects generate. This revenue can be used for community support services including roads, schools, libraries and first responders.

    Ford is purchasing carbon-free electricity through DTE’s MIGreenPower program, which is among the largest voluntary renewable energy programs in the country. To date, the company has more than 600 businesses enrolled in the program along with more than 62,000 residential customers. On an annual basis, MIGreenPower customers have enrolled 2.8 million MWh of clean energy in the program, which has the environmental benefit equivalent to avoiding 2.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. DTE is Michigan’s largest producer of renewable energy, and the company plans to add thousands of megawatts of new clean energy projects to support the program.

    Solar still needs much of its output backstopped with idled base load power since we do not have a viable at scale storage solution but for manufacturing during the day, sunshine will build the next generation of EVs built in Michigan.

    Ford manufactures more vehicles in the U.S. and employs more hourly workers in America than any other automaker and was one of the first U.S. automakers to align with the international community to limit the impacts of global warming as part of the Paris Agreement.

    This is why you do not sell America short. Go Ford! ;)

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