2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Standard Range Increased to 240 Miles, Prices Increased

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    [​IMG] Lightning reservations have reopened with higher prices.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Aug. 9, 2022

    2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

    Produced at Ford’s iconic Rouge facility in Dearborn, MI.​

    This coming Thursday, Ford will be reopening its reservation list for the next wave of Lightning purchasers.

    Starting in the fall, vehicles built with the standard range battery, available on Pro, XLT and Lariat trims, will have a targeted EPA-estimated range of 240 miles – up from 230 miles.

    F-150 Lightning customers can choose two new colors among the 10 available options – Avalanche Gray and Azure Gray metallic tri-coat. Those colors replace Atlas Blue, Ice Blue Silver and Smoked Quartz Metallic, which are not available on models built starting this fall.

    The new 2023 Ford Pro Special Service Vehicle Package is now available on F-150 Lightning Pro models for fleet customers. The package includes police-grade heavy-duty cloth front seats, built-in steel intrusion plates and available roof-mounted LED warning beacons.

    Ford is adjusting the MSRP on the F-150 Lightning for the first time since it was revealed in May 2021 and has honored MSRP for all customer orders to date. Due to significant material cost increases and other factors, Ford has adjusted MSRP starting with the opening of the next wave of F-150 Lightning orders.

    Lightning reservation holders who previously received an invitation to order, but who elected to extend their reservation because their vehicle specification was unavailable, will receive a private offer for use in upcoming waves.

    The all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup was officially launched in April 2022. The first customer deliveries began in May with over 4,400 sold year to date.

    2023 Ford F-150 Lightning Trim Pricing
    • Pro - $46,974, up $7,000 from the 2022 initial model release
    • XLT - $59,474 up $7,000 from the 2022 initial model release
    • XLT High/Standard Range - $68,474
    • XLT High/Extended Range - $80,974
    • Lariat Standard Range - $74,474 up $10,000 from the 2022 initial model release
    • Lariat Extended Range - $85,974
    • Platinum Extended Range - $96,874 up $6,000 from the 2022 initial model release
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    That's how Ford , with their infinite marketing know-how , gets more orders for Lightnings.

    Raise the price.

    Get 'em now , while they're cheap !

    I wonder what the dealerships will actually charge.
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