India Will Restrict communist chinese Phones

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    1. India has tried to set itself as a country BETWEEN western countries & totalitarian dictatorships of communist china(always small letters), russia & its allies. They have worked hard to do so, despite whether they have accomplished such.
    2. However, a subject has arisen that defines, where the rubber meets the road, & is everyday communication devices (phones). India will work to restrict communist chinese(always small letters) phones within its borders. Putting a soft point on the subject, India says it does NOT want a lot of cheap communist chinese(always small letters) phones flooding its country.
    3. As other countries have pointed out, communist chinese (always small letters) phones are under the controls of communist china(always small letters) & data gathered on phones will be transferred to communist china(always small letters).
    4. Tho India tries to find a middle ground, India will take self-protection measures against totalitarian communist china(always small letters).
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