2022 Seattle Seafair Hydroplane Races

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    What!? Couldn’t find the Seafair hydroplane races on any of the local channels on Hulu, altho KING-5 TV was supposed to cover it. Poking around, I found the hydroplane coverage on……YouTube!!
    Man, those Blue Angels get close! Did they slow down a bit? For safety? I don’t know. But the formation flying is really close…..& the image quality of the cameras is stunning. Got to stop. The final race is about to start!

    PS…..Sheesh! What a dud! The two competitive boats jumped the gun. One of the boats appeared like he would be way to soon across the start line, yet he floored it in the last 200 yards coming down to the start. Yeah, he jumped the gun by at least 2 seconds. So, the third fastest boat is the one that won.
    In the first preliminary heat in the morning, 3 boats jumped the gun. I know its tough judging the beginning, but…..
    PS I…..Oh, went for a walk & saw a B-25 Bomber from WWII fly over. I wonder if it had anything to do with Seafair, the Blue Angels & the Museum of Flight?
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