Honda Reports U.S. Sales of 506,207 Vehicles, down 39.3% in the First Half of 2022

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    [​IMG] The new CR-V Hybrid should help turn this sales slide around in the future.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – July 1, 2022

    The CR-V hybrid is positioned at the top of the CR-V lineup and should represent approximately 50 percent of sales for this 6th generation. The 2023 CR-V is launching this summer with the Hybrid model launching later this year.

    For 2023, the CR-V is more spacious than ever with a notably larger front-to-rear-seat couple distance and more rear seat legroom (+0.6 inches). The rear seats now feature eight angles of recline for increased comfort. ;)

    The top of the instrument panel has been designed to reduce windshield reflections and other potential visual distractions. A metal honeycomb mesh spanning the dash serves both form and function, concealing the air vents that would otherwise mar the uncluttered and harmonious design.

    New front Body Stabilizing Seats reduce fatigue over long drives and the steering wheel angle is more sedan-like for a more comfortable, sportier driving position. Between the front seats is the largest center console bin in its class with nine liters of space.

    The 2023 CR-V has the most cargo room in the model’s history with 36.3 cu.-ft. available behind the rear seats in both turbocharged (+1.2 cu. ft.) and hybrid (+3.1 cu. ft.) models. In EX and EX-L, the rear load floor can be lowered, expanding the cargo space to 39.3 cu. ft. With the 60/40-split rear seatbacks folded flat, cargo space expands to 76.5 cu. ft.

    CR-V EX features gray or black cloth upholstery with an 8-way power driver’s seat and black trim on the dash. EX-L adds gray or black leather seating surfaces, a 4-way power passenger seat and piano black dash trim.

    CR-V Sport comes with exclusive black cloth upholstery and black dash trim, while the Sport Touring comes with either black or gray leather seating surfaces and piano-black dash trim. Both Sport and Sport Touring come standard with a black headliner and orange contrast stitching on the seats (black leather or cloth), console, steering wheel and shifter.

    Honda Sales

    Honda - Honda and Acura, sold 506,207 vehicles in the first half of 2022, down 39.3% from the 833,510 sold in the first half of 2021. This despite severe Q2 supply issues. Honda’s electrified sales stay strong as CR-V Hybrid sets June record and Accord Hybrid first-half sales up 39%.

    In June, core models lead the way for the Honda brand with CR-V topping 22,000 units and Accord over 10,000 units despite the same supply issues.

    CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid help Honda top 50,000 in first-half electrified sales for the second straight year.

    Although there is red ink down the entire model list, highlights if you want to call it that include the CR-V which lead the automaker with sales of 116,602 in the first half, down 45.3% from the 213,199 sold through the same period of 2021. Whether it is supply or a demand falloff due to the lack of new and exciting product, Honda is not currently performing at its best.

    U.S. Big 8 OEM First Half 2022 Sales Results
    1. GM Q2 2022 YTD Sales of 1,095,247 vehicles, Off 11.7% Yet Market Share Improves
    2. Ford Reports U.S. Sales of 915,820 Vehicles, down 8.1% in the First Half 2022
    3. FCA/Stellantis Reports U.S. Sales of 813,742 Vehicles, down 14.8% in the First Half 2022
    4. Honda Reports U.S. Sales of 506,207 Vehicles, down 39.3% in the First Half of 2022
    5. Nissan Reports U.S. Sales of 362,447 Vehicles, down 33.7% in the First Half of 2022
    6. Hyundai Reports U.S. Sales of 343,867 Vehicles, down 15.6% in the First Half of 2022
    7. Kia Reports U.S. Sales of 333,340 Vehicles, down 11.9% in the First Half of 2022
    8. Subaru Reports U.S. Sales of 263,795 Vehicles, down 17.9% in the First Half of 2022
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    Honda Reports July 2022 Sales

    Hi All:

    Honda/Acura Total Sales - 71,235 vehicles sold, down 47.4% from the 135,542 sold in July of 2021.

    Where is the sales carnage occurring?
    • Accord - 7,299 vehicles sold, down 55.8% from the 16,531 sold in July of 2021
    • Civic - 9,243 vehicles sold, down 67.4% from the 28,318 sold in July of 2021
    • CR-V - 21,799 vehicles sold, down 30.9% from the 31,530 sold in July of 2021
    • Pilot - 10,615 vehicles sold, down 26.8% from the 14,506 sold in July of 2021
    A single highlight is Ridgeline with July sales in which 4,020 vehicles were sold, up 70.7% over the 2,355 sold in July of 2021.

    Honda sales of electrified vehicles topped 6,500 vehicles led by the CR-V and Accord Hybrids.

    Given Hyundai achieved July 2022 sales of 60,631, down just 11.5% from the 68,500 sold in July of 2021, these Honda sales declines are going well beyond the supply constraint narrative. :(

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    That is the question if the massive downturn can be fully explained by supply chain issues. But when I checked inventory while ago it was incredibly low so it likely is. But they don't explain it seems why they are suffering much more than anyone else with these issues.
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    I would buy a Honda today if I could get a new Insight at MSRP..
    So..... I'll just keep driving the Prius.
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    I have been watching Honda sales heading downward, and in a related story - you don't see as many of them on the road in recent years. While the chip shortage is often blamed for these production numbers, the other automakers don't seem to be getting hit as hard. GM is still shipping cars to dealers with window stickers showing $50 credits for feature deletes. They just ship the car without heated seats or the Coked Up Parakeet backup noise generator and a note that a later retrofit is included. People buy them anyway. When the chips are available, the dealer can install them and the features will work.

    Last month, I factory ordered a new Chevy Spark to have as a spare car. It's just a phone booth on wheels with unadjusted EPA numbers of 40.3/55.8 that suggest you won't be filling the 9 gallon tank too often. I found a dealer that sells at MSRP with no add-ons and no BS, so I decided it's a good idea to get one before production ends forever in August. When the Spark departs, and the Trax will also be leaving us this year, the cheapest GM vehicle will be the relatively thirsty Trailblazer - stickering at a rather silly $25k-$35k. And although all Trailblazers have one of two boosted 3-bangers, the EPA figures suggest the little weedwhacker motors don't move all that bulk without running at full boost all the time. When the last Spark heads off to someone's driveway, there will be little reason to visit a GM-brand dealership if you are looking for a low cost commuter car or grocery-getter.

    The Spark can be had at or slightly below MSRP in the NYC area, while the smallest Honda - the Fit - also soon to be dearly departed, cannot be purchased at MSRP. From what I am seeing at NYC-area dealers, Honda is among the worst for gouging. There is no reason to buy a Civic for $10k over sticker when you can buy something similar from a competitor for a lot less. As the economy cools, borrowing money starts to get more expensive, and people drive less due to energy costs, these dealers are going to find that they cut their own throats.

    Look at the numbers from lenders and note that repossessions are increasing, and will very likely go much higher, as people borrowed too much money on a price-gouged vehicle, rolling in too much negative equity, and financed the note for far too long. The delinquency rate on car loans is climbing fast, and so far the banks haven't been taking the cars back too aggressively because they don't want to flood the market with repos, crashing used car prices and wiping out the value of the cars they now own. For those thinking of purchasing new/used, give it a little time. And plan to pay cash because the interest rate on an auto loan is not going to be low in the near term.
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    Not muxh reason today. But I do like the Spark , especially since Honda doesn't make Fits anymore.
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    The Spark - or Changwon Chariot - is just an honest little car that is universally unloved by the usually heavily medicated media drones. "Only 98hp". "One of the slowed cars on the road" - yet still accelerates faster than a "muscle car" from the mid 70s to mid 80s. "Cramped rear seating" - as if you could have an executive lounge in a car stretching under twelve feet long. It doesn't pretend to be anything. It just moves up to four people from point A to point B without burning a lot of fuel. And you can park it a business envelope. My brother has a 2016 that's currently at around 95k. Completely trouble free with only routine maintenance.
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    An impression I've gotten over the years was that Honda dealers were too arrogant. That they seemed to have bought too much into the Honda hype. They make good cars, but aren't they only option out there.
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    The problem with chip shortage is whether carmakers are competing with factories of the big phone makers since they lose that battle pretty much always. That's how Tesla worked around it by switching to diff type of chips.

    But the shortage should start to gradually ease now and I wonder if Honda/Acura is setup well enough to compete in the market with the fast trend towards electrification. The entire Acura line doesn't have any electrification anymore and nothing in the pipeline for another 2-3 years. Honda has some upcoming hybrids which likely won't be class leading (hybrid on 'sport' model only sounds like not max mpg). And first Honda EV is at least a year away. Weird for Honda to lose that position of having most efficient vehicles in the past and they might lose market share because of that besides current supply chain issues.
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    Hi All:

    Honda has really fallen off my radar after driving the final Insight hybrid. It was not class leading in any respect other than a nicely appointed interior. The drivetrain felt forced and it proved itself to be nowhere near as efficient as any Toyota offering despite the reasonable EPA ratings.

    I am still interested in the CR-V hybrid but with no supply and the Honda dealers pulling the $**t they are with BS markups beginning with the 2001 Acura MDX two decades ago, they piss me off. :(

  11. BillLin

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    (talking EVs...) How about a Honda/Acura approximation of GM's Blazer. I prefer the size and starting price of the Equinox EV, though.
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    Lexus/Toyota hybrids though also have a big markup. At least when I was shopping for a car early this year. One dealer wanted 10K markup for a Lexus NX PHEV, another wanted no markup but waitlist was up to 6 months. And the Venza had up to 4K in markup getting into luxury pricing territory. I never saw those type of markups myself on almost any car before 2020.

    I do like the interior design of Acura much better than Lexus hybrids but that's personal preference (but no electrification whatsoever and not class leading efficiency either). Honda unfortunately got very generic. With EV's coming I'm afraid they might all have generic designs with large screens for no good reason. Hopefully Acura ADX won't copy that at least.

    The Honda Prologue EV might be interesting, though I saw range estimates around 280 mi. By that time I see Tesla & German competitors offering bit more range and for me important criteria if I'd switch to full EV.
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